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Inventory of love in the heart hard to open the three constellations Capricorn typical slow heat typ

People always like to hide their vulnerable side, do not want others to know. And some people, in the face of love, are always reluctant to be the first to say the word love. Maybe, this is not active, and it's not a good idea. When everyone around him knows, he still doesn't speak. Let's take a look at the three constellations that are hard to love.


What about Capricorn? Fickle also affectionate, long love is also less affectionate, the surface is very calm, very stuffy, but in fact the heart is very dry. But Capricorn is very slow, or meet love, Capricorn will be very cautious, very careful, and not active, obviously like but always want to escape. It's hard to take the initiative to say that you like someone, and it's especially easy to give up because of details.


'when I don't start to like you, Gao Leng ignores you and ignores you. When I like you, I'm good to everyone except you. Scorpio is such a person. It's strange that he cares about you very much and ignores you. 'you say you don't like people, why are you jealous. Scorpio is always like this, clearly care about, but to pretend I don't care, I don't care, love who, I just ignore you. In fact, most of the time Scorpio's high cold is put on, and sometimes it's too realistic, others will believe it.


Cancer is actually very active, at least in love, there is no black meaning, cancer like a person, it is really difficult to take the initiative, and may even say hello to each other need to take the initiative, especially care about a person, but the more dare not take the initiative, the more love of wishful thinking, a little change, then retreat, and the heart will feel that the other does not like themselves, dare not advocate I'm in touch, probably because it's over. A lot of times, cancer is very good, but because they are very sensitive, so will shrink back, will inexplicably lost love.