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What do you feel inferior about when you check the twelve constellations

Everyone has a point of inferiority, some show it, some will be deeply buried in the heart, do not want to let people know. So today, Xiaobian will lead you to see which things the twelve constellations feel inferior to?

ARIES: no special look

Aries has always been very dissatisfied with their looks, they feel that they look very no characteristics, lost in the crowd can not find the kind, so Aries has been very envious of those who are very beautiful or handsome.

Taurus: clumsy

Taurus personality is very honest, although they are very diligent, hardworking, but also more introverted and quiet, not good at communication. This also makes Taurus very distressed.

Gemini: height

Gemini's most distressed thing is their height, especially in today's society, which looks at beauty and figure. Every centimeter short, they feel that their self-confidence is frustrated once. Even if they are talented again, Gemini is also distressed about their height.

Cancer: Obesity

Cancer is very attention to the image, very beautiful people, they like all kinds of popular clothes, keen to pack up their own fashion and personality, but due to the problem of obesity, cancer even dare not wear too good-looking clothes, because they will appear fatter.

Leo: Learning

Leo is actually very smart and capable people, they are very good in many aspects, such as hands-on ability, such as taking care of people, but Leo has been very bad at learning, which also makes them very suspicious of their IQ, very depressed.

VIRGO: poor game

Virgo is a game enthusiast, whether it is oil online games, small games or well-known games, they are always happy. But Virgo's game level is really poor, often killed in the game, over time they will be very frustrated.

LIBRA: clumsy

Libra is the kind of person with poor hands-on ability. They will cut themselves when they cut a dish and drop a pot, not to mention doing all kinds of manual work. Libra also has a low self-esteem and feels how weak they are.

Scorpio: interpersonal skills

Scorpio is very cold, proud and self-conscious. On the surface, they don't like to be close to others and stay away from the excitement. In fact, Scorpio is very afraid to communicate with others, because they don't know what to talk with others, and they are more worried about the embarrassment of losing the wrong words.

Sagittarius: Acne

Sagittarius is a very image oriented people, they go out every time to clean up their own, neat and generous. But adolescent Sagittarius face is how also clean up, acne let Sagittarius is very distressed and not confident.

CAPRICORN: no money

Capricorn is a person who loves life very much. They want to buy anything beautiful and beautiful when they see it. However, because they are short of money, Capricorn is sometimes very poor, which makes them very embarrassed.

Aquarius: parents' career

In this society, Aquarius always feel inferior to their parents' career. Although their parents are hardworking and hardworking, they always feel a little uncomfortable compared with other people's rich and generous parents.

Pisces: not so far away

Pisces rarely travel far away. They often see their friends running around the world in their circle of friends. Today they go to Europe, tomorrow to Japan, and the day after tomorrow they go to Antarctica. But they seldom go out, so when it comes to tourism, they all feel inferior.