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Twelve constellations the best chasing constellations female single dogs hurry to learn

the love chasing game between boys and girls is always a hard work. Many times, such pursuit will become a tragedy with no end. No matter love or hate, it's just a cloud, which will dissipate in the dust of history sooner or later. But what kind of relationship does it have? As long as you've really paid, it's enough. So, among the twelve constellations, which one is the easiest to win? Please take a look at the relevant constellation with Xiaobian. First place: two children

If she asks you to send her home in the middle of the night, she just wants to create further opportunities. If the sun sign or Venus sign is Gemini, this type of girls are very active and enthusiastic. If they like you, they will deliberately walk around in front of you, or create opportunities for chance encounters in life, or even leave implied invitation in your MSN. When Gemini like you, they like to chat with you all night or gossip. This kind of mindless conversation and chat is to create more possibilities of love. If Gemini asks you to send him home, it's basically looking forward to a 'further date'.

Second place: Aries

If she takes the initiative to let you hand in hand, she has basically achieved success. If the sun sign or Venus sign is Aries, this type of girl in the feelings of self-esteem, autonomy is very strong, usually not easy to show emotional weakness or personality fragile characteristics, so in love, will deliberately suppress their love mood. But the more depressed their girls, in fact, the more vulnerable and sensitive in their feelings. If there are boys willing to take the initiative to hold the hands of Aries girls, it is basically a success.

Third place: Pisces

If she would take the initiative to call and chat, she would be basically trapped. If the sun sign or Venus sign is Pisces, this kind of girl is very sensitive to love, especially looking forward to the electric shock feeling of love. They are afraid of loneliness. If someone is willing to chat with Pisces girls late at night, then in the eyes of Pisces, this is a kind of intimate and gentle performance. Pisces girls like that kind of ambiguous, it is a kind of 'love in the heart, the mouth is difficult to open' shyness and expectation. If Pisces in insomnia, take the initiative to call or send a text message to you, basically is the prelude to falling in love.

Fourth place: Virgin

If she starts to complain about your shortcomings, it's basically flirting. If the sun sign or Venus sign is Virgo, this kind of girl is born with a sense of superiority, and most of the time she lives in a 'feel good' atmosphere. When they fall in love, they hope to be held high by their lovers and enjoy the well-being of being loved. Sometimes Virgo can't help pointing and complaining to the lovers around, which is basically a kind of flirting interaction. Virgo's complaint to lovers is not really annoying, but a kind of easy bickering. So when you are read by your Virgo lover face to face, it is basically a kind of care.

Fifth place: Libra woman

If she starts to ask you for advice, it's basically to gain love trust. If the sun sign or Venus sign is Libra, this kind of girl is very independent and afraid of strangers. When she is in an unfamiliar circle of friends, she will first show a quiet, calm and clever temperament. After everyone has a preliminary tacit understanding, Libra is more willing to take off her guard and show a smile. Libra's natural dependence is very strong, they lack a sense of security, when she is willing to believe someone's advice or start to take the initiative to consult, please on your opinion, basically with you to establish a relationship of love trust.