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Best combination of happy couple

Aries vs Aquarius

Energetic Aries, the most suitable couple is the strange water bottle! The two constellations do not like the sticky mode of getting along with each other, and they can enjoy their own time together. Aries, who are impulsive in personality, like to take the initiative rather than be led by the nose. In their opinion, if you want to love, you have to love openly, because true love is to meet, not to be arranged. So they are particularly averse to looking for love through blind date.

With this feeling is Aquarius. Independent water bottle, do not like to stick to conventions, never care about external vision and social ethics. But for love, Aquarius will also fantasize about beautiful encounters. But with the water bottle that kind of cold and hot personality, basically it is difficult to give people a sense of security. But Aries doesn't need to seek security from others because they are so simple and pure. This pair of constellations together, get along with the mode more like close friends to support each other, step by step towards the palace of happiness.

Taurus vs Scorpio

First of all, this pair of constellation combinations are pragmatic realists, perhaps more material than emotion. But it doesn't mean they don't really love each other. Friends who know Taurus know that in love, but out of print loyalty school, their love always takes marriage as the premise. Taurus's concept is very practical. They know how to love without bread? Therefore, Taurus will accept a feeling under the protection of its own or other party's economic foundation.

And Scorpio, full of mystery, isn't it? Scorpio has a cold appearance and a warm heart. Scorpion, who has the same view of love and values, is easy to reach a consensus with Taurus. Both signs are people who fall in love with each other. Even if the outside world can not understand, but they love each other. This kind of highly tacit understanding of love, can always bear the fruit of happiness.

Gemini vs Sagittarius

The fickle Gemini, originally likes to pursue the changeable life, yearns for the novel exciting thing. They are like big children who are not growing up. There are many unstable factors in their character. As the constellation name shows, Gemini has a different dual character, sometimes optimistic, sometimes sad, and even can switch freely. Even love, Gemini does not like the same pattern.

Maybe a lot of people don't understand Gemini and think that's the excuse of flower. And there is such a constellation in the world that can read Gemini, that is, Sagittarius who comes and goes like wind. Between these two constellations, there are many similarities in their different personalities. At least, there is a consensus on the mode of love. Gemini and Sagittarius are both people who don't like to be bound. The two people who have the same accusation of flowers have a feeling of sympathy. They understand each other, are responsible for love, and will not become a burden to each other. Such a relaxed love, only this pair of combination can give each other.

Vs the big four

The most suitable match for a docile cancer is the lion who likes to control the dominant power. Because cancer is a lack of opinion, good temper and even obedience. They are very conservative in character and always give endless care and consideration to the people they care about. No matter male crab or female crab, they all belong to the passive side and pay silently for love.

A man who doesn't dress up is not the one who decides to be a lion. This is the truth that "two tigers cannot be hidden in one mountain". The lion always likes to put on a pair of invincible appearance, like the commanding sense of being high above. Whether it is career or love, they like to act as the controller, like to grasp the initiative. Just as the cancer's endless tolerance and love, can perfectly meet the requirements of the lion. These two signs are honest and generous people, trust is the secret of their happiness!

Happiness: Virgo vs Pisces

Virgo, known as perfectionism, pursues perfection in everything. Even love advocates the Platonic model of holiness and aestheticism. Many people may not know that Virgo, a pragmatic person, has such a dream of love. It is because it is too perfect that it is full of dreamlike elements. There is no better feeling of love than Pisces dreamer.

Pisces is naturally rich in imagination and even confuses reality with fantasy. Can cooperate with Pisces to pursue that kind of romantic, only Virgo this kind of pursuit of perfection. If they are together, they will certainly be able to turn each other's vain dreams into reality. All this may be unrealistic in the eyes of others, but only virgins and Pisces understand that it is a kind of unremitting pursuit. Virgins can understand Pisces' sentimentality, while Pisces can understand Virgo's sensibility. They all have the definition of pure beauty of love.

Libra vs Capricorn

Libra is the object of excellent internal and external conditions, and can be worthy of them is the wise Capricorn. Libra has always had a good relationship with the opposite sex, so that they can deal with any social occasions freely. But ordinary people can't get into Libra's eyes. Only the smart and capable Capricorn is an exception.

Capricorn is a more realistic constellation, a little lonely, and do not understand the sentiment. What they pursue is just the happiness that lasts for a long time, which Libra understands. Libra is actually a sentimental and insecure sign. What you need is stable happiness. So Libra will lock in this low-key and honest constellation at a glance. In the understanding of love, Libra and Capricorn can reach an agreement. Libra understands Capricorn's rigorous and rigid love, which is a happiness that will grow up!

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