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Check those super friendship constellations

ARIES: friendship can last forever, but love is not necessarily

In their hearts, if love and friendship are to be sorted, then friendship will be ahead of love. The reason why friendship is so important is that, in Aries' view, friendship can last for a lifetime, but love may deteriorate in the middle of the way, maybe it's a seemingly harmonious relationship, or it's a direct break-up. Therefore, even if you have such a blue / red confidant, Aries will try to keep a good friend relationship. Taurus: it's just a euphemistic hint of love in various ways

Taurus people express their feelings in an implicit and introverted way. If there is such a special presence that "lovers above Youda are not full", and Taurus also has a heart for it, I'm afraid it will not directly show their love. It may be because they worry too much and lack courage (what if they are rejected? What should they do if their friends can't do it in the future?), so they always hint in various euphemistic ways, hoping that the other party can understand their own feelings. Gemini: if you want too much, you can only increase your troubles, and everything will be OK

Gemini people are forthright and open-minded. They are surrounded by friends, especially heterosexual friends, because they feel comfortable with Gemini and have no pressure. Facing the one who is better than his friend but a little distant from his lover, the attitude of the twin who is afraid of trouble is that thinking about the East and the west is just to increase his own worries. Therefore, it is better to let everything go as it is, neither force yourself nor the other party, and enjoy the current relationship. Cancer: tangle with good feelings, carefully hide your mind

Cancer people are sensitive and think about everything. How to deal with a relationship that is both a friend and a lover, they are even more entangled! If you express your mind, what will happen if you don't dare to stay in place and maintain the existing relationship, will you miss love In the long-term hesitation and contradiction, the reserved cancer will first hide all his special feelings about TA, for fear that the other party will find out the secret of his heart.

Leo: to wait for you to speak first, ambiguous embarrassment will go

The most important thing for Leo is face! If you have blue and red confidants around you, and you treat them not only as friends, then you will not easily reveal your feelings. The reason is obvious - face! To say "we don't want to be friends or lovers" to the other side is so shameful that they want to find a place to get into it. So they would rather wait for the other party to break the window paper and take the lead in breaking the ambiguity!

VIRGO: can we not be greedy, just talk to each other?

Virgo always takes the rational line, facing the emotion is also the same. They know that their love problem is the pursuit of perfection, that is, they are used to binding their lovers with high standards and strict requirements, and hope that TA can change to what they expect. Therefore, they can't bear to further develop a good friendship relationship into a lover relationship. Although TA is also excellent, Virgo just doesn't want to be greedy. They prefer to have a good friend all their life Heart.

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