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The most popular constellation in the constellation wealth list

1. Leo

2. Virgo

3. Taurus

4. Pisces

Virgo / Libra's annual dual constellation tonality brings a little bit of balance and harmony, teamwork, fairness, justice and compromise in Virgo's pragmatism, such as cleanliness, green value, efficiency, practicality and precision. Complicated flashy, fake packaging exit, principle first, simple taste.

In 2016, there were four Mercury retrograde periods, and one more time than in previous years. They all fell in Earth signs (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn), respectively, from late January to mid February; from late April to late May; from late August to mid September; from mid December to early January of the following year. The above-mentioned earth stars are most sensitive to the "Mercury retrograde" common Oolong accidents, painful setbacks, and many good things. In particular, the financial investment and decision-making judgments made during these periods should be carefully considered.

Fortunately, in 2016, the financial Star Venus has no retrograde cycle, and the period of stopping in each constellation is very average, which means that in terms of astrology, each constellation has a fair "return of Venus" financial good luck period. This year's eclipses occurred in March and September. Pisces, Libra and Virgo are the most powerful ones. In terms of individual constellations, Leo, Virgo and Taurus rank the same as last year.

In the year of Virgo / Libra, the trend topics that deserve attention are: food safety and environmental protection, health economy, salary and employment, education reform, distribution justice, wealth management, resource integration, precision marketing, aesthetic economy, cross-border cooperation, etc. Tourism services, fashion, sports and leisure, happiness industry, pink collar economy, beautiful economy and big data economy related to Virgo and Libra will quietly occupy the mainstream.

Fortune map of 12 constellations in 2016


This year's fortune is flat, and the range of income is slightly less than that of last year. Stable income, not too much financial fluctuations or crisis, break even and surplus into the pocket, can be called a small sure economy. Smart financial management and improving the cost-effectiveness of capital are the secrets of expanding purchasing power and wealth accumulation. The success rate of accumulating a pot of gold by means of small capital financing strategy or "micro entrepreneurship" is very high. Focusing on your own business and working hard are the most valuable investments. From mid April to the end of July, there was more windfall.


Taurus' financial strength continues to rise this year, and its wealth management performance is the highest in nearly 10 years. Times make heroes. With the cooperation of subjective and objective conditions, it is expected to find a unique "blue ocean" positioning in specific industries, fields or projects, and monopolize the profits of strong brands. Actuarial risk, bold entry, active investment, getting out of the comfort zone, bolder and more accurate than usual, wealth leverage operation also makes the investment efficiency relatively improved. Be on guard against the secret deceit of allied opponents. The investment in the first three quarters is the strongest.


Gemini this year's wealth first squat and then jump, overall slightly better than last year. The concept of financial management and investment is more conservative than usual, seeking stability first and then seeking big. Ten thousand tall buildings rise from the ground. Financial stability, revenue stability, holding the advantages and consolidating the market are the priority considerations. It is far more practical to settle in the interior and do a good job in stability than to make a step to the sky. Financial investment should be based on familiarity with the industry, mature market or expertise, and should not be careless, make large-scale transfer investment or jump across fields. In the fourth quarter, the investment opportunity is ripe and the rate of return is stronger.


This year is a super consumption year for you to enjoy the value and fun of money circulation. There are also a lot of new sources of wealth, such as part-time jobs, sidelines, share placement, branch income and other sporadic income, a little bit of wealth puffiness. Although not as strong as last year, the scale of savings or wealth accumulated previously is enough to cope with intermittent financial turmoil for various reasons. Financial management wins in a fast pace, with quick smell, quick adjustment and quick action, so as to seize the opportunity. Investment by trend control, flexible in and out of the invincible. The first half of the year is better.


Leo continues the "cornucopia" Universiade launched in the second half of last year, and its wealth power is even higher. This year's "Fuba index" is known as the number one star, only to be seen in 12 years. The two tracks of wealth creation, gold absorption and financial investment not only have a bright business income, but also achieve financial objectives smoothly. The financial transfer to investment can make money with money, which is also an excellent profit. Pragmatic goals, long-term planning and persistent discipline have made brilliant achievements in budget implementation, cost control and savings investment. Benefit from finance, game, transportation and other investment themes. See prosperous all year round.


Virgo will continue to be the "star of the year" in the first half of this year. The once-in-a-decade stop of the super lucky and lucky star will bring wealth for nearly two years. Luck and fortune will be transformed into the overall wealth of life. Efficiency, precision, simplicity and conciseness are the fast track of financial prosperity. Digital management is in place, and we have a sense of investment topics such as the new economy, health care, energy conservation and carbon reduction. The performance is better than the average value if we can choose the target carefully in different environment. In the fourth quarter, the star of the year entered the Fortune Palace, and the "fortune index" soared.


Libra's fortune is getting better this year, and the turning point is waiting for the fourth quarter. Fortunately, although the momentum of financial expansion has been postponed, there are no major financial losses, investment errors, capital gaps and other serious injuries throughout the year. The best strategy for financial investment is to examine the situation, look around and listen to all sides. A perfect ending, a beautiful ending, and achieving a phased goal are far more effective than opening a new battlefield with a burden. Financial judgment tends to belittle the enemy and optimism, and there is a sense of puffiness. There is room for improvement in financial tools and investment IQ.


Scorpio this year's financial strength has advanced and retreated, which is a "well-off year" with a slight increase in wealth compared with last year. In the first half of the year, the rewards and affirmation that the enterprise should receive are expected to be realized in succession. Unfortunately, the missed financial opportunities or the opportunity cost for existing choices are also considerable. In the second half of the year, we should pay attention to the trend of market demand and supply at any time to strengthen the professional added value, so as not to deviate from the mainstream and fall into the "poor and busy". Fortunately, from the second quarter, the main products are gradually favored by the market, and there is a wave of prosperity in May and June. Financial turnover has improved since the middle of the year.


Sagittarius this year's career is unique, is the continuation of last year's 10-year Universiade of the second half. The gold content of the business and the "fame and fortune double income index" have increased but not decreased compared with last year. With the rise of power, professional honors, box office sales, corporate profits, opportunities and the expansion of market size, the sense of affluence is rising simultaneously. It is beneficial to cross-border, healthy and happy life or foreign culture investment. Business brings wealth throughout the year. At the beginning of the year and at the end of the year, there is a wave of financial climax, and the value of money is rising. The bright spots of Lotto's partial wealth appeared in mid March and late June.


This year is a good year for your career. Thanks to Caixing's second visit to the palace of life, his wealth performance has doubled compared with that of last year, and the relationship between career achievement and wealth accumulation is high. They are willing to start their own businesses, set up their own doors, develop in different places, upgrade their majors or accelerate the development of international partners. The financial management style is steady, can guard the meeting attack. The portfolio is suitable to add to the themes of knowledge economy, Internet of things connectivity or transnational business opportunities. Wealth rose steadily in the whole year. There were two waves of good opportunities in March and September, and the recording was delayed in the second half of the year.


Aquarius' wealth has turned upside down this year, and its fortune is the highest in nearly 10 years, and the financial resources are more abundant than last year. The occurrence rate of "unexpected wealth" has increased sharply, a number of large red envelopes have been put into the bag, the deposit level has soared overnight, and the non industry income has the potential to directly or surpass the income of the principal. Joint ventures make money, partners succeed, angel funds are raised smoothly, and the operation of investment enterprises is profitable. There are Lotto dividends, loan subsidies, family gifts or insurance benefits. Avoid excessive credit expansion. Traffic and financial investment. The first three seasons are the best.


The overall wealth index of Pisces this year is higher than that of last year. It is difficult to make a boat out of a single tree. Only by excellent team, strategic alliance or complementary cooperation can we achieve financial success effectively. Modern alchemy, such as potential development, resource regeneration, value reorganization, transformation and transformation, enterprise consolidation and reuse of old things, is the strongest mode of wealth creation this year. Business investment should have a long-term business vision, with short performance and long-term performance. Financial management is not suitable for short-term and radical speculation, nor is it suitable for over conservative. The "balanced portfolio" with equal emphasis on both is the best, and the fourth quarter is dominated by wealth.

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