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When is the marriage of 12 signs the most dangerous

Aries danger period: the first half year after marriage

With the distribution of housework and power, Aries forms a small family. If the two sides accommodate each other, if they do, they will still be at peace. If not, according to Aries's aggressive and impulsive personality, the contradiction will be aggravated. If you don't want to become a "Shan Li clan", you should learn to be humble and share family responsibilities and obligations. It is the best policy to have something to say.

Taurus in danger: when children start a family

For Taurus, the two most important assets in life are savings and children. If one of them is lost, they will reject life and lead to abnormal psychology. The husband and wife should work together to reverse the gain and loss mentality of Taurus, so that she can know that her children will gain more from family

Gemini at risk: at birth

Gemini doesn't have the consciousness of being a parent, so it's common to let the baby go out to play by himself. In this way, all the pressure is accumulated on the shoulders of the partner, how can the partner not be aggrieved? You can imagine the relationship between husband and wife! If you want children after marriage, then at the same time of prenatal education, don't forget to give each other as parents to enhance the sense of responsibility education.

Cancer at risk: about 30 years old

About 30 years old is the high pressure period of career struggle and family responsibility, and it is also the most frustrating period for cancer. At this time, if the partner can not understand his helplessness and hard work, and can not give affirmation, he will very much like to have other opposite sex "take advantage of it". If the opposite sex really take the initiative to comfort him, then it is easy to have small incidents. If you want to keep your future marriage in order, cancer and your partner should pay attention to each other, understand each other, and actively communicate to avoid "accidents".

Leo in danger: about 40 years old

At this time, the lion is generally successful in his career, and his career achievements can no longer bring him passion. He needs a new "sense of achievement" to satisfy his vanity. Therefore, it has become the standard for a lion to show his superiority and charm in front of the opposite sex who is younger than himself and attract the other party to bow down under his suit pants or pomegranate skirt. If the lion wants to prove its charm, and his wife wants to keep his marriage, he must constantly transform himself and praise each other so that the lion can continue to gain a "sense of achievement" at home.

Virgo dangerous period: Menopause

Virgo to menopause is more prickly eggs, a little dissatisfied, will be angry, nothing to find a quarrel. If there is a lot of trouble, everyone will have a fire. At this time, the family will reply and family war will be on the verge of outbreak, and relatives will become enemies. This is a very difficult period of time, as a Virgo partner to understand more, for nagging a smile, the future marriage will be broad!

LIBRA: 7-10 years after marriage

By this time, the husband and wife have been too familiar with each other, and their feelings have also been connected with children. Therefore, most people will rest assured of their marriage, and do not care much about the image in front of the other half and fully expose their shortcomings. This is the most intolerable time for Libra with aesthetic purity, so it is inevitable that the heart will secretly tend to the opposite sex with taste or beauty. If we want to successfully complete this transition, one needs to find more beauty, and the other needs to create more beauty. Only by keeping the marriage fresh with yabernoza, can the marriage develop towards a healthy and healthy direction.

Scorpio danger period: about 1 year after marriage

You're the one and a half years old, but after a year and a half, your passion will drop and you will start to take into account the circle of friends. However, Scorpio is a person who "only allows the state officials to set fire, and does not allow the common people to light the lamp". He can have a hot fight with the opposite sex, but when his partner keeps a good relationship with the opposite sex, he will be jealous and worry about his partner's constant past. A suspicious and unstable marriage is turbulent. If you want to get through this, you'd better integrate into each other's circle of friends, establish common friends, and enhance mutual trust.

Sagittarius: 4-5 years after marriage

This period was the beginning of a boring life. Both husband and wife had to work and take care of their children. They were so busy that they lost their affectionate and leisure hobbies into the Strait of Malacca. They could not even say a word. Perhaps the partner can adapt to such a life, but the archer who is full of idealism for love will be at a loss and retreat, so he may find another confidant, find a new playmate and romantic stimulation. Tell your partner what you should have said to your partner. Only by keeping communication between husband and wife can you find happiness in hardship.

Capricorn in danger: just retired

Retirement, for Capricorn, means the loss of the focus of life, also means the loss of leadership over children (at this time, the children have grown up and become a family). Huge gap, will let him all leaders want to vent on his partner, everything is strict with its requirements, in order to achieve psychological balance. This strong desire for leadership, anyone will have a heart to resist, so the conflict broke out in an instant. After retirement, Capricorn may as well take part in more interesting activities to divert his attention, and his partner should also understand his change and actively help him adjust his lost mentality.

Aquarius: 2-3 years after marriage

The new experience of marriage will make Aquarius happy to share every surprise with her partner. But after this period of freshness, Aquarius will feel the bondage of marriage, highlight the mentality of seeking freedom, and will want to run out all day long. How can your partner accept this? But the more you complain, the more tightly you tie, the farther you run, and the more off track your marriage will naturally become. If you want to avoid the crisis safely, you should cultivate more common interests and hobbies between husband and wife, and regard each other as friends is more conducive to consolidating feelings.

Pisces at risk: childhood

After the birth of a child, as a parent will certainly put more thought into the child, but in Pisces heart will make a fuss. When a child is a baby, it's understandable to love more, and Pisces also likes children. But if the partner loves the child more than he does for a long time, the Pisces' heart will be unbalanced. As time goes on, they will feel like a redundant person, showing extreme dissatisfaction with marriage. A happy family of three lies in the fact that Pisces should be more active in the role of parents, and also in the insight and comfort of their partners to the inner feelings of Pisces.

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