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Libra man is the easiest to marry and the Aries woman the hardest to marry

Libra men (10.45%), Capricorn men (9.16%) and Scorpio men (9.08%) ranked the top three in the National Men's success rate of naked. In the whole country, Libra women (10.55%), Scorpio women (9.58%) and Sagittarius women (9.02%) were the most likely to strip off. However, cancer women, who have always been known for their love of home, Taurus women who are simple and able to work, and Aries women who are gentle and virtuous fall into the strange circle of "hard to get rid of their clothes".

"Optimist" is the best description of Sagittarius women, even if they encounter bad things, they will think about the good side. Be curious about your feelings like a child. Although the appearance is careless, but when the handmaid is hurt, she will quietly heal herself. Often will make some small romance for the boy friend, makes them always have the small surprise.

Women with gentle personality and dedication to love ranked third from the bottom. Zhang Jiarui, an emotional expert at Century Jiayuan, said that although cancer women love home and are very maternal, their biggest problem is to have a hysterical side. Once you are in a bad mood, you will close your heart even if you don't speak to your lover, which will make your lover confused.

Of the 12 constellations, Aries are the most difficult to "strip.". When it comes to Aries, most people think it is extremely gentle. In fact, it is not the case that Aries women show more ambition than men in all aspects. This is the most accurate positioning of Aries women. Therefore, at the beginning of love, it is a relatively gentle lamb, and then gradually changes, and finally becomes super strong, which must be unacceptable to many men. Another characteristic is that they are self-centered. No matter what the mood or attitude of the other party is, they will not influence the practice of Aries women.

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