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Which constellation men marry the worst? Is your husband on the list

No.1 Libra man

It seems that he is a prince on a white horse. You may say, Libra man is more ambiguous, peach blossom more than just, as long as watch tight, I can bear. No, it's a big mistake for you to prepare for this. Ambiguity is just one of the three sins of Libra man: boredom, no interest, surprise. All the tenderness of Libra man can only be shown in his unfamiliar friends. On the contrary, he will treat his girlfriend as his own person, not to cover up his real self, not to mention love words to please his girlfriend It's not so easy to be accepted by your partner in love. What's more, the third sin of Libra man's three sins -- friends are always heavier. He will never give up drinking and party with friends just because he wants to go shopping with you. Moreover, his expenses for inviting friends to eat, drink and have fun may not be less than the expenses for you.

No.2 virgin man

Excellent virgin man's flash is not lower than Libra man's, and as the earth sign he is not very reassuring sisters? Oh, you think that if you can bear the turtle hair of a virgin man, the world will be at peace? That's wrong again! Virgo boy is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Even if his appearance is dishonest, he will pretend to be honest. In fact, he is very sultry. If he has the opportunity, he will not exclude any possibility, including after marriage, unless his wife is very excellent and takes care of it, otherwise he will easily go to the place of random discharge.

The motto for a virgin man and wife: we must see the essence through the phenomenon, and it is very important to guard against it.

No.3 Capricorn man

Is Capricorn just a workaholic? Capricorn people hate being forced by others. They are persistent and obstinate. However, their hygiene habits are very problematic. For example, a piece of clothing must be worn until it can't be worn before they are willing to take it for washing, or work for two or three days without taking a bath. For him, as long as it is easy for him, his focus is always on work. However, for the stubborn Capricorn man, any painstaking ideological education is useless.

The maxim of Capricorn man's wife: it's better to start with your mouth, as if you are losing weight.

No.4 Scorpio man

Scorpio in the fourth is because for many more indecisive and weak, do not like their own decision-making mm, Scorpio man's problem is not a problem. Scorpio people like to control the dominant power, especially when they have experience. They will feel that they don't want their partner to go astray, so they will tell you and teach you how to do this and that. Of course, the point is that you have to do it in his way, otherwise the Scorpio man will be furious.

The maxim to Scorpio's wife: follow the party.

No.5 water bottle man

If you seriously resist Scorpio man's control maniac, and you love to wave the baton, you'd better find a water bottle man. On the contrary, if you don't want to worry about yourself and need an independent husband, it's better to keep a certain distance from them. Many water bottle men are members of the club of fear of wives, leaving the matter to their wives and enjoying themselves on the side In fact, the water bottle man is not indifferent. They are just afraid of trouble and don't bother. Unless he really steps on his self-esteem or matters a lot, he would rather leave it to the other half to deal with. He has nothing to do with himself.

The maxim to the water bottle man's wife: Nowadays, it is a society where women hold up most of the sky.

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