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How to change the home furnishing of twelve constellations

In late September, the sun enters Libra, the equinox, which marks the beginning of a new cycle. All kinds of relationships change accordingly, such as partnership, residential relationship, parent-child relationship, marriage relationship, friend relationship and so on. In the new cycle period, we will have the establishment, maintenance, change or loss of the old and new relationship. It is suggested to improve personal journey by changing the home layout and changing the residential environment. People with different constellations have different personalities. Of course, there are many different choices. For example, Libra is eager to live in a spacious and open space, and Aries wants bright colors in the house I will give you some suggestions.

1、 Aries home: simple and lively

The living room is big, the decoration is simple, the theme is clear, the bedroom light is soft and beautiful, with bright and colorful style to highlight the straightforward of Aries. Furniture should be fashionable and movable, so as to create a new sense of space or openness at any time.

2、 Taurus home: fresh and natural

Taurus will pay attention to the decoration and appearance of the house, so as to be full of aesthetic feeling. His unique aesthetic feeling and design is also a natural gourmet. Therefore, after the design of the restaurant, or table related decorations will be very suitable for their taste, especially some very pastoral decoration, the garden green will make Taurus happy.

3、 Gemini home: fashionable and interesting

Gemini, who has a bit of double "extreme" personality, doesn't like invariable things. He is popular and sensitive. He likes personalized and modern villa decoration design, such as bookcase, wardrobe, dressing table, etc. it is better to be combined, detachable and reorganized to create new interest. Fresh and beautiful decorations, let the fashion better into it.

4、 Cancer home: warm, comfortable and private

Cancer people have a weak heart, love their home, like to cook, collect a variety of ladles and cans, hope to decorate the kitchen tenderly, to meet the cancer's needs for home. Cancer pays attention to the comfort of space. Usually he will choose white, silver and pearl, wood and other quiet colors to decorate the room. Soft lighting will be the focus of the layout of the living room, curtains must also achieve the effect of shielding, so that cancer can live in it. Cancer in addition to love home also love bed, bedroom absolutely can not be careless.

5、 Leo home: simple, generous and practical

The warm and hospitable Leo always hopes to be full of guests on weekends. The living room is naturally the most important space for Leo. Even if the bedroom, kitchen, balcony and so on are reduced, the space should be given to the living room to create an extraordinary appearance. There are many lion clothes that love beauty and face. A well planned, spacious and bright cloakroom with large windows and mirrors is an essential design. Gorgeous French classical bed or high texture leather bed are the best choice.

6、 Virgo home: introverted, exquisite and perfect

Virgo, who is famous for her cleanliness, always thinks that tidiness is the first element of decoration. At the same time, besides being clean, the aesthetic standards are not ambiguous. They have unique vision for the design of new bathroom or bedding supplies, as well as kitchen utensils. The minimalist style of being meticulous about home decoration, believing that "less is more, and not making more leftovers" is the most popular among them, and the best space should be large. Virgo women prefer pink villa decoration style, while boys prefer blue decoration style.

7、 Libra home: open, chic and harmonious

Nature likes the beautiful Libra, there are always clothes, shoes, bags and so on, storage seems to be a part of the decoration design need to be carefully considered. There is no doubt that Libra's taste, the taste of villa decoration also has its own unique views. Eager to live in a spacious and open space, the choice of color affects home mood, like to use flowers or paintings to enhance home temperament.

8、 Scorpio home: mysterious and unique

If you can sit, you won't stand, and if you can lie down, you can see the importance of comfort for Scorpio. Nothing can hold Scorpio's heart better than a proper big bed and warm quilt and pillow on the bed. At the same time, they are unique and mysterious. They decorate their home with black and grape colors. Black curtains and exotic decorations are the best choice for Scorpio. The room is filled with some ethnic atmosphere, revealing some kind of mysterious temperament.

9、 Sagittarius home: exotic and generous

Curious Sagittarians are willing to accept new things and care about the overall layout. They have foreign origins, so they often use all foreign styles in the room layout. Due to the different countries and religions they like and different arrangements, the elegant decoration style is more in line with the Sagittarius' taste and mood. Chaos in order, to create a casual sense of beauty, let people feel casual but comfortable.

10、 Capricorn home: traditional, formal and classical

Stable, introverted, workaholic Capricorn, home is like an extension of another office. A spacious and bright study, a comfortable desk, a quiet office environment, is absolutely their only choice. Being infatuated with Fangzheng and playing the classic to the extreme is also a great style show.

11、 Aquarius home: simple and avant-garde

The innovative, changeable, independent, stubborn and rebellious Aquarius is always unpredictable. With the changing villa decoration style can best meet their irregular, non positioning character, painted walls, all metal decoration, and even the whole room is the same color, can make the room more features and charm. Accept open space design, like to have a modern and calm and rational concise style, for more avant-garde cutting-edge design ability is very strong, like gray and white color with simple feeling.

12、 Pisces home: warm and romantic art

Pisces, who is sentimental and fanciful, always prefers romantic villa decoration, such as the blue Mediterranean style. The gentle and melancholy color can best reflect the fish's personality. Suitable for casual furnishing of home environment, should avoid too clear and organized compartment and layout, fish tank is a good decoration, can bring luck for Pisces. It is the best choice for Pisces to show its urban temperament with modern modern modeling bed, or paper fiber molding bed made of special materials with leisure taste.

The pursuit of details is the personalized modification made by different constellations in view of their own constellation attributes. The most beautiful side of the character presented in the villa decoration, so that villa decoration and constellation personality perfect integration, now start to work, improve the personal journey!

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