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Do not know how to maintain friendship and friends go farther and farther constellation


Virgo people on their own very high requirements is well known, this is also a good thing, can let Virgo more efforts to progress. But this is also one of the biggest reasons Virgo offends others, that is, they are not only demanding of themselves, but also of their friends. They will be picky about their friends. They say you can't do it today, but you can't do it tomorrow. Although it's harmless to Virgo, it's hard to bear listening to your friends.


The most important thing about Taurus people is that they are too stubborn. Persistence is good in some aspects. However, once you are too persistent, you will be stubborn. Once you make a decision, Taurus will go to the dark. It is a typical personality that does not bump into the south wall and does not turn back. However, they will ask their close friends to do the same When they think something is right, if their friends and their own views are not the same, and Taurus thinks the other party is wrong, they will try their best to make the other party change, so such Taurus often makes the friends around them feel very tired.

Capricorn people are very leaders, they do not allow others to walk in front of themselves, in the eyes of Capricorn, no one around can be more powerful than themselves, especially in the aspect of Capricorn care, they do not allow the people around them to surpass themselves, even if they are the most intimate people, they can not be the first, but also do not allow the people around them to be the first, one Once your friends are better than yourself, Capricorn people will try their best to surpass the past. If you try your best or can't surpass you, Capricorn will show that you are not unable to surpass you, but lazy to surpass you. Will also make a small temperament to all kinds of sarcasm, leading to the side of many friends are away from Capricorn.

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