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When you are in love, what are the constellations that pay more attention to appearance

Number one: Leo

Potential reasons: appearance itself is not a problem, but appearance can determine and influence too many things, can not be ignored. Leo people in the 12 constellations, is not the most "judge by appearance" that class. However, it is surprising that people in this constellation really put beauty first when choosing lovers. However, this is not to say that lions are pure appearance party, only that they think too carefully: first of all, when a partner with high appearance takes them out to meet people or take them home to meet their parents, they will have a lot of face. Otherwise, they may have to answer all kinds of weird questions, which will make them crazy. Secondly, if their partner is good-looking, they will undoubtedly get along better with each other Happy feeling, and this feeling is of course conducive to both sides to get along with each other; in addition, if you can fall in love with a person with high appearance, others will always look up to you, which is also very important for the face saving lion. Finally, because the lions hope to have a successful discussion on love, they should find a high-quality partner who can contribute high-quality genes to the "crystallization of love" in the future It is also very important!

Second place: Taurus

Potential reasons: the aesthetic requirements are very high, and I hope to be with a "pleasing to the eyes" partner every day, otherwise I will feel uncomfortable. Taurus people also care about the beauty of their lovers. Because the people of this constellation have very strict aesthetic requirements, ranging from daily use of personal items to buying a car and buying a house, they may ignore the details that are important to many people, and entangle themselves endlessly with a certain "point" of their internal and external characteristics. It is worth mentioning that even Taurus itself will admit that their tangles may sometimes seem a little strange, and often do not meet the general standards of the outside world. But there is no way, regardless of the money or not, Taurus is so wayward! Therefore, when such a tendency is reflected in love, it will show that Taurus's "beauty" in the eyes of others may be difficult to agree with; but Taurus doesn't care what others think! Awl face? Too fake! Dai Meitong? Not vulgar! As the saying goes, "it's hard to buy a thousand dollars with a good heart.". The "high beauty" in Taurus' heart often goes against the trend. It is so, many people are difficult to realize that Taurus is actually a "Yankong", probably because of this!

Third place: Sagittarius

Potential reason: we won't take beauty as the standard of choosing love, but we can't help but be generous to those with high appearance! Sagittarians have a simple personality. Like is good, not like is bad; good is close, bad is far away, never mystify or deceive oneself. Therefore, when choosing a lover, Sagittarius will be very calm in the face of their own demand for beauty, and will not find it difficult to discuss this. For shooters, although they don't just use the beauty of each other when considering whether to start a relationship or not, their performance can really be regarded as a "barometer" of each other's appearance once they begin to fall in love. To be honest, although the shooter himself will say "good feelings are not in appearance", the higher the beauty of the other side, the more willing the shooter to tolerate and accommodate the other party. It can even be said that when the relationship between two people needs to be further deepened in the future, the beauty of the other party will directly affect the enthusiasm of the shooter (this may be why some people think that the shooter loves freedom and fears marriage, while others say that the enthusiasm of the shooter when he proposes can be described as "shameless". Of course, the shooter himself does not have the psychology of "beauty discrimination". Don't forget the above, they just "simply" follow their own inner likes and dislikes, and even more "like" high looks!

Fourth place: Virgo

Potential reasons: "love to see beauty" is another pragmatic way, because it is difficult to imagine how two people who do not match the conditions want to fall in love! Virgo people have always been rigorous, like to consider all aspects of the problem, especially show a clear "risk aversion" tendency. Therefore, when choosing a mate, Virgo's performance is not good. Even if the marriage is praised by others, they will not accept it if it is judged as "potential risk" by Virgo. And the matching degree of appearance is the most important thing for Virgo to think about these problems. Because it is different from the superficial indifference, Virgo's self-esteem is very strong, the heart is also very fragile, will haggle over the evaluation of the outside world. In particular, the evaluation of appearance often pokes into the weakness of Virgo. Therefore, Virgo in making a choice, not to see "Ta beauty is not high" but "Ta and I deserve, stand together, what others will say.". That is to say, if the other party's appearance is too high or too low, it will make Virgo's heart feel uncomfortable, and even veto this relationship. And this practice, others can not pick out the reason - who can imagine Virgo because "Ta beauty is too high, let me lack of security" and take the initiative to deny the future of two people!

Fifth place: Libra

Potential reasons: they have perfectionism tendency, and they are not willing to accept imperfections, and appearance is the most intuitive characteristic of a person. Libra is a typical perfectionist. This constellation to "aestheticism" has a kind of persistent to the hopeless pursuit, even if others do not understand, also want to adhere to this persistence to the end. Therefore, when choosing a mate, they attach great importance to the appearance, which is the most impressive feature in the first time. But don't worry. Libra doesn't have a double standard in this respect. Since adolescence, many Libras spend a lot of time in front of the mirror every day, sighing about their appearance. Under such a premise, it's not surprising that Libra will have high expectations for their future partner's appearance! Of course, Libra's "beauty" doesn't mean that lovers should look Pan'an or that they should be buried in fish and wild geese. But they would like to see at least one or two things about each other's appearance, and the overall score should be much higher than average. Such expectation is not related to vanity. It is just the externalization of Libra's "hope everything is perfect".

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