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Check the most jealous constellation boys to see who is the king of vinegar

It is often said that vinegar is a woman's patent. In fact, there are many boys who like to soak in vinegar jar. So in love, who loves to be jealous? In the 12 constellations, what are the boys jealous and choking with you? Which constellation boys are most jealous in love? Today, let's take stock of the most jealous constellation boys to see if you are right?

Cancer men are jealous

Typical vinegar man 1: Cancer

Vinegar slip index: 95%

It's obvious to all that cancer man takes care of his girlfriend, but sometimes they are insecure, so you'd better tell him whatever happens and let him know that if you go missing one day, or you don't tell him what you're going to do, you may have to fight endlessly.

Gemini men are jealous

Typical vinegar Man 2: Gemini

Vinegar slip index: 90%

Gemini man is very fond of social life, usually he will take you and friends to meet or get together, and he is also very keen on chatting, but if you don't care and laugh with other men, he will be jealous. Don't forget that Gemini man thinks he is the most humorous and funny person in the world, but he can't bear the joy of being teased by other boys.

Pisces men are jealous

Typical vinegar Man 3: Pisces

Vinegar slip index: 89%

Pisces man jealous really makes people feel puzzling, you haven't figured out what's going on, he's on the side of the vinegar, it's really confusing. Under normal circumstances, Pisces man can behave normally, but when he is in a low mood, everything may become a reason for him to be jealous.

Lion man is jealous

Typical vinegar man 4: Leo

Vinegar slip index: 85%

The lion man's face is the most important, so you must remember to give him enough face in front of his friends, and never let him feel that he has been ruined. If you do, I'm sorry. Even if he keeps his demeanor on the spot, he will still feel sorry for it in private.

Libra men are jealous

Typical vinegar man 5: Libra

Vinegar slip index: 82%

Libra looks very mature, in fact, he is a very afraid of loneliness, so if you have time, or accompany him more, if you can't accompany him to do something he thinks is very important, he may feel that you don't pay enough attention to him, then he will be very angry, if he wants you to accompany him to a certain place or do something, you'd better be obedient to his small He will be happy if he follows the class.