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The most easily hurt constellation list uses affection to hurt the most!

Have you ever been hurt emotionally?

When you are deeply involved in your feelings, you are often the one who is hurt the most. Everyone will have a feeling to remember. No matter how deep you hide it, every time you think about it, your heart will ache, drink a lot of chicken soup, listen to a lot of stories, but you still can't cure your old wounds. Those constellations of constellation are the most easily hurt emotionally. Let's make it clear for you. Don't let the person around you add another heartbreak!

Fifth place: Libra

Libra is a person with a predilection for emotional cleanliness. They are very happy to make friends with various types of friends, and then through short-term contacts to select some of their favorite types as the objects of deep friendship, and then they will select layer by layer to create their most authentic place for emotional expression. In addition, Libra is very dependent on the emotional base station established by itself. If you are careful, you will never be alone. But such a frank and dare to love and hate role can often make a long-term relationship into nothing in an instant. That's the problem. They always pay too much attention to themselves or grasp the scale of contradiction, so that their feelings will never get up once they fall.

Fourth place: Virgo

Virgo is a little picky in feelings and shows her feelings too candid. Like is like, not like is not like. This kind of Virgo is easy to produce unnecessary emotional friction, but the always optimistic Virgo has another problem, that is, focusing too much on one emotional direction but too curious about other feelings. It's like the neutralization of concentration and playfulness. You never know how their emotional clues are formed, because you may not have entered their real emotional path. I'm afraid that only Virgos like this bumpy emotional path, because they are the kind of people who pursue perfection but are always confused.

Third place: Leo

Leo has a generous nature, but emotionally it is not always like a fish in water. Because Leo people never know when they will stop. They have been pursuing and never been overtaken. Such Leo people are loyal to a relationship but don't know how to maintain it. They often feel that they have done enough but can't get the affirmation of each other all the time. However, their feelings are in crisis. Most of these reasons depend on the differences in the way Leo people treat their feelings. They don't like to ingratiate themselves with someone deliberately, but there is no lack of pulling down their face to engage in that kind of "false" ingratiating, which is undoubtedly a kind of deception for a flattered person. Sometimes Thailand's thoughtfulness is also a kind of bondage, which is a little advice for the lion to be a man.

Second place: Aries

Aries has some duplicity. They are good at hiding their feelings. Even though their feelings are mature in their hearts, they are always naive on the surface. They don't put their feelings into one person for a long time, but maybe if they feel hopeful by giving them a little bit of sweetness, but in the outside world, they are very cautious. They like to live in a world of only a few people, and don't want to be disturbed by strangers or unfamiliar people. On the one hand, they have a shy attitude, In addition, they don't like too much emotional and social life.

First place: Aquarius

Aquarius is undoubtedly the most vulnerable and the most difficult to express their feelings. Their feelings are not so enviable, but if they can go on for a long time, they must be reassuring. Because Aquarius is usually famous for its straight breath in emotional intelligence. From their mouths, you can either hear sweet words that make you feel like meat, or stubborn and tough ones that make you breathless. This is undoubtedly the most fatal injury to their emotional development. Fortunately, their mind can detect that as long as the other party intends, Aquarius will still have a chance to get up again after falling, but maybe this is just a fall. Because their vacillating character can't help but circle emotionally.