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Eight German delicacies: German pizza and cigarettes

Compared with China, which is famous for its food and cooking skills, German food is monotonous. Some people say that German food is nothing more than plain cooking, white stewing and baking, which is just as unpleasant as German's rigid and rigid character. Today, let's take a look at some of the most popular German food!

No1: [home brewed beer]

Heidelberg has a lot of home brewed beer. According to the author's many years of beer experience, the first restaurants to drink are Vetter and kulturb01uerei. The beer here is good, but if you want to drink, you'd better ask the shop assistant what is the recommendation of the season. Amber wine has a full, strong taste, coupled with the shop's roast pork elbow or sausage, it is delicious to a mess. Of course, this combination is only recommended for those with a big stomach, while those with a small appetite can share it with their friends.

NO2: [German pizza flammkuchen]

It's also called flame cake in some places. It's hard not to be tempting to serve crisp cakes, fragrant ham and onions from a traditional wood stove.

No3: [German wonton maultaschen]

In southwest Germany, there is an area called schwaben. The schwaben people living in this area are most famous for three things: first, they build their own houses, second, they use dialects, and third, they use schwaben dishes.

No4: [all kinds of sausage]

Sausages can be found everywhere in Germany, and can be divided into thousands according to region, style and composition. The more famous ones are n & uuml; rnberger bratwurst, th & uuml; ringer rostbratwurst, Currywurst, feuerwurst and so on. If you want to try every one, some restaurants will offer sausage platter, but it's usually a platter full of more than 20 pieces, which is more suitable for many people's party.

No5: [German fried pork chop]

Take a look at the German style fried pork chops and Japanese style fried pork chops, which are also wrapped with bread bran. They are charred outside and tender inside. But in fact, the German style pork chops continue the German cuisine has always been more weight, cost-effective fine tradition, in the shape of bigger and thinner.

No6: [black forest cake]

How can there be no dessert in the top ten must try delicacies? There are many rumors about the origin of the name of black forest cake. Some people say it is because it is covered with black chocolate chips, which reminds people of the dark forest.

No7: [German meatballs]

In addition to pimples, there is also a staple food deeply loved by the Germans, that is the German style ball (kn02del). The most important ingredient is different staple food, which is made by adding various ingredients, such as ham and spinach. The ball shaped food is called kn02del or kl0208e in Germany.

No8: [sausages with pretzels]

Sausages are made from minced veal and smoked pork. They are boiled directly with water and scallion. To avoid getting cold, restaurants serve them directly in hot water. Peel off the casing and dip it in sweet mustard. Traditionally, the church bell is not allowed to ring at noon when eating white sausage, so many restaurants no longer offer this dish after noon. Of course, there are many special cases in tourist cities. In kulturbauerei, for example, white sausage is supplied all day. The baguette is a kind of bread that can be bought 24 hours a day in Quande bakery.