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Check the top 10 special dishes of Yi Nationality

Liangshan on the tip of the tongue - a complete collection of Yi cuisine, few of which you know! Today, let's talk about some of Liangshan's specialties, some of Yi's delicacies (directly to the main topic)

1: Hand grasping lamb chops

It is made of high-quality mountain goat meat with special spices of Yi nationality. The meat is tender, soft and smooth.

2: Spicy chicken of Yi Nationality

Use about 2 jin of chicken, roast after killing, smash the meat, add wood ginger, ginger, pepper noodles, pepper and other seasonings, and cold water to eat. It's original, spicy and refreshing. The meat is tender and delicious, with endless aftertaste. To use the high mountain specialty of red pepper, deeply loved by the Yi people.

3: Yi flavor blood large intestine

Liangshan Yi area is the most common kind of food. After slaughtering New Year's pig, it must be processed into blood large intestine. The pig blood, wine rice, pig miscellaneous oil, salt, pepper, Zanthoxylum bungeanum, wood ginger noodles and other seasonings are mixed well and then poured into the large intestine of the pig. The two ends are tied tightly with a string, put into the boiling water pot, cooked and picked up. When it is slightly cold, it is cut into sections and eaten. It tastes delicious. It is a good treat for guests and neighbors. Flavor characteristics: delicious taste, good hospitality.

4: Tartary buckwheat

It is a local flavor food of Yi nationality. It can be worshipped on the altar, used when getting up a house and getting married, and indispensable at the banquet. The tartary buckwheat made from the ashes of the Yi people will not go bad for ten and a half days. Tartary buckwheat Baba dipped in winter honey, bitter and sweet refreshing, endless aftertaste

5: Tuotuo meat of Yi Nationality

It's a famous dish for Yi people to celebrate New Year's festival and entertain distinguished guests. Its meat is less than 30 jin. It's made from pig which is not fed with modern feed, supplemented by Yi People's unique spices and condiments. The meat is large and square, so it is called "Tuotuo meat". It tastes fat but not greasy and tender, which fully reflects the bold and unconstrained temperament of Yi people.

6: A jar of beef

In order to show respect to the guests, the Yi people sometimes treat them with a jar of beef. Jar beef is the leg meat of beef, cut into lumps of beef, add salt, pepper, Zanthoxylum, wood ginger noodles and other seasonings, put into the jar and sealed. Seal with vegetable leaves and then seal with clay one inch thick. Then put it in the shade and wait for about 30 days to eat. The color is yellow and the fragrance is strong. The meat is crisp on the outside and tender in the inside. It tastes delicious.

7: Sweet tripe

One of the traditional dishes of the Yi people, Kaixiang tripe is the best dish for guests. During the Spring Festival of the Yi people, they take a small mouthful of the pork tripe, clean it and put it into the mound meat mixed with salt, pepper noodles, chili noodles, wood ginger and garlic paste. It's important to install and sew the seam, seal the seam with intestines, and dry it in a ventilated and smoked place. As long as it doesn't leak, the longer it stays, the more fragrant it tastes. It's worth killing a sheep to serve a guest with an unopened tripe.

8: Full row beef feast

The feast of the Yi people, which is more beautiful than that of the Manchu and Han people, is composed of cattle, sheep, pigs, chickens and cuckoos. The above five kinds are peeled and gutted, then the cuckoo is put into the stomach of the chicken, then the chicken is put into the stomach of the pig, then the pig is put into the stomach of the sheep, and finally the sheep is put into the stomach of the cow and sealed. Remember to use the seasoning commonly used by Yi people. Use a large pot to cook it and you can share it. Generally, you can't eat it. You can only eat it when you are an important guest.

9: Roast suckling pig

It is a famous dish in Yi nationality area. The roast suckling pig is golden in color, crisp in skin and tender in meat. Eat hot or cold.

10: Yi cuisine (meat jelly)

This is a particular dish in Yi area. It is made of pig feet and elbows. The general method is to put the meat into the pot and cook it soft, then pick it up, remove the bones and chop the meat into pieces, then put some seasonings such as wood ginger, ginger, pepper, some orange peel, or eggs, and then put it back into the pot to cook for a while, so that the seasonings can penetrate into the meat, and finally put it into a wooden bowl and put it overnight. Meat jelly is soft and delicious with unique flavor, which is a favorite food of Yi people.