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Death pepper, the hottest of the world's three great delicacies, is not a false name

There are many delicious food in the world. Today, let's take a look at the most delicious food~

The hottest chili pepper of death: the hottest chili pepper in the world is planted by a man named ed Currie in South Carolina. He has been committed to the development of spicy food. The hottest chili pepper is named 'Carolina Reaper', and its spicy value reaches 1569300 Shu (Scoville heat units)/ The spiciness value of Chaotian pepper in China is only 30000 degrees. After comparison, death pepper is not a false name.

Puffer fish is the most poisonous food. If it is not handled properly before eating, it will be fatal to human beings. Because the viscera, especially the ovary, contain lethal toxins. The survey found that the average mortality rate of eating puffer fish was 6.8%, including the result of improper handling by non professionals. Professional puffer chef must obtain qualification certificate to work.

Truffles: in January 2007, truffle Hunter Cristiano Savini collected a giant 3.3-pound white truffle in Tuscany, north of the country. Cristiano then sold it at the Macau Casino for $330000. Piedmont is said to be the world's best truffle producer.