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Check out the world's ten hottest food, not the hottest, only hotter!

Peppers have been highly praised by people since ancient times. Some people prefer to eat chili, which means that they are not happy without being spicy. They like the feeling that they are spicy to the bone. How hot is the hottest food in the world? Today, let's take a look at the top ten hottest foods in the world to see how spicy they are.

British hot Bollywood

American suicide spicy chicken wings

1. Suicide in the United States hot chicken wings in Britain hot Bollywood

The reason is that before eating these two dishes, you need to sign an exemption agreement with the restaurant! The main ingredient of hot Bollywood is mutton, and the ingredients are several of the hottest peppers in the world. After eating, it is said that the head is heavy and the feet are light, and I feel dizzy.

Spicy grade:******

3. Chinese snake

The famous dish in Hunan cuisine is made of local snake with high protein, low fat and tender meat as raw material, and its main characteristics are fresh, fragrant and spicy.

Spicy grade:*****

4. Chinese style bullfrog

There are many varieties of this dish in China, but on the whole, it is spicy!!!

Spicy grade:*****

5. Malaysian devil curry pork

This dish is mainly made of pork or boar meat and curry. Curry is made of spicy turmeric root powder, mustard, vinegar and red peppers, especially Thai red peppers.

Spicy grade:*****

6. Bhutanese cheese pepper

Bhutan's home dishes, the material is very simple, the most basic ingredients are pepper and cheese, is a necessary meal for Bhutanese.

Spicy grade:****

7. Chinese saliva chicken

It's needless to say! Everyone knows it! And you can eat it when you go out!

Spicy grade:****

8. Turkey meatballs

Raw, similar to tartar steak, but very spicy, usually served with lettuce leaves and lemon juice. It is said that spicy meat should be "cooked". Be careful before trying!

Spicy grade:****

9. Fried prawns with chili peppers

Hot prawns with garlic, tomatoes, butter, spicy quickly into your stomach, that kind of heat is not ordinary people can bear, but that delicious will also make you unforgettable.

Spicy grade:***

10. Thailand dongyingong soup

It's a little like making soup and making cold dishes. Thailand is located in the tropics, so it has bred many famous yam. The famous one is the papaya salad called 'somtam'. This kind of salad is mainly made of papaya shreds, shrimp and lemon juice, accompanied by fish sauce, garlic and miscellaneous crushed peppers. It tastes spicy.

Spicy grade:***