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6 tips for summer inventory

In summer, many people will feel weak, tired, and even drowsy all day. A large part of the reason for this phenomenon is the lack of essence. Essence and Qi is the concept of traditional Chinese medicine. It is mentioned in the Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic plain questions on Qi and heaven that "Yin calms and Yang is secret, and spirit is the treatment; Yin and yang are separated, and essence and Qi are the treatment.". How to maintain the spirit? Let's introduce it to you by Sihai Xiaobian!

First, sleep enough time, do not stay up late

According to traditional Chinese medicine in China, people who stay up late for a long time and have unreasonable work and rest time usually lack essence. Traditional Chinese medicine doctors believe that the best time to fall asleep is from 10:00 to 11:00 p.m., because from 11:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m., the internal organs of the human body have to flow between Qi and blood, and the blood will return to the liver to store essence. If you don't sleep and rest during this period of time, it is equivalent to forcing your liver to continue to work, unable to store essence, which will cause hyperactivity of liver fire, Qi deficiency, weakness and low spirits.

Second, do more relaxed and gentle exercise

Experts suggest that in summer, people do relatively relaxed and gentle meditation exercises such as Taiji, qigong or Taiji Fan. These mild exercises can not only improve Qi and health, but also avoid sweating and losing a lot of essence.

Fourth, eat less cold food

Cold drinks and ice cream are undoubtedly the most popular summer food. However, eating too much of this kind of food will easily lead to the imbalance of heat and cold, moisture invasion of the human body. Some people mistakenly think that drinking more cold drinks in summer can solve the problem. However, in fact, drinking cold drinks is not a good way to relieve summer heat. On the contrary, the adaptability and temperature regulation of the human body are not enough to bear the sudden pouring of ice water into the body, leading to people's mental laxity, irritability and depression.

Third, avoid eating heavy food

Summer diet to light, too heavy taste of food easy to gain weight, gain weight, make people's spirit dizzy. Cooking should also adhere to the principle of less salt, less oil, not too much seasoning, avoid frying, frying. Experts believe that modern people's diet is too messy to adapt to the weather. Eating spicy hot pot and barbecue in the hot summer increases their anger and heartburn.

Fifth, do things in a smooth and orderly way

Qi harmony is a very important point in health preservation of traditional Chinese medicine. If people's Qi is disordered, unstable, and not natural enough, they will easily suffer from diseases both physically and mentally. It's not difficult for daily health maintenance to achieve 'Qi harmony'. It only needs to keep a steady rhythm of every movement in daily life, so that the breathing is even and orderly. As long as we achieve "harmony of Qi", we will transform it into energy and make people energetic.

Sixth, not impatient, not angry, not angry

Summer is the season of fire, the Yang is particularly strong, people are particularly impatient, prone to emotional instability, the health of the body will also be affected. Therefore, we should try our best to restrain our own fire and not let it break out. Every time you want to break out, take some time to think about whether you should lose your temper and how it affects you. Learn to control their emotions, do self-cultivation.