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8 benefits of sweating in summer

Summer is hot and muggy, sweating is inevitable. Many people hate sweating because there is a bad smell after sweating, but sweating is good for people! Here is a summary of the eight benefits of sweating.

1、 Help digestion

If the human body does not sweat, the speed of Qi and blood will slow down, which will affect people's digestion, causing people to have no appetite for anything; in addition, it will also affect people's mental activities, resulting in poor sleep quality at night. Therefore, sweating improves appetite, increases food intake and helps digestion.

2、 Detoxification

People secrete many metabolic substances through metabolism every day, and also produce various toxins. If these toxins are not discharged in time, diseases will occur. However, in real life, because of busy work, tired life, laziness and other reasons, many people will not actively take exercise, occasionally do physical exercise, and rarely sweat. A large number of toxins will accumulate in the body. After a long time, people will often appear dizzy and tired sub-health state. Therefore, we should do more physical exercise and excrete toxins through sweating.

3、 Lose weight

Obesity may be closely related to diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia and other diseases. And physical exercise is undoubtedly the most effective way to lose weight. When people are exercising and exercise to a certain amount, the fat in the body will burn and transform into heat, and finally excrete the body in the form of sweat, so as to achieve the effect of weight loss.

4、 Skin care and beauty

Sweat is always unable to excrete, people's skin metabolism is slow, some waste will remain in the body. People can clean the pores while sweating, so as to achieve skin care and beauty.

5、 Make men more attractive

Studies in the United States have shown that women feel happy and relaxed after smelling men's sweat.

6、 Improve memory

For 20000 middle school students, the United States has conducted a long-term education experiment, and the final conclusion is: the students who sweat actively will have a great improvement in memory and concentration.

7、 Control blood pressure

Many people know that perspiration is good for the excretion of toxins, skin and weight loss, but few people know that perspiration is also good for high blood pressure. In short, hypertension is due to the narrowing of vascular channels, the blood flow is limited in unit time, which leads to the phenomenon of increased blood pressure. And through physical exercise can make the human capillary dilation, blood circulation speed up and the elasticity of blood vessel wall increase, so that the pressure of blood vessels is greatly relieved and blood pressure is reduced.

8、 Prevention of osteoporosis

Some people think that calcium in the body will be lost with sweat because of sweating. In fact, sweating can effectively retain calcium and prevent osteoporosis. Because only water-soluble vitamins will be lost from the body with sweat, and the solubility of calcium in water is very low, so it will not be discharged with sweat.