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What are the points for attention in checking calcium supplement

Now a lot of people have the phenomenon of calcium deficiency, calcium deficiency will lead to osteoporosis, so people usually supplement calcium, but also pay attention to the method of calcium supplement, some people use the wrong method of calcium supplement, also can not play the effect, many people choose healthy diet calcium supplement, but also don't blindly supplement, let me tell you about the precautions of calcium supplement.

1. The body needs more calcium

No matter how much good food you eat, you can't do it. There's a saying that 'when things go to extremes, they will turn back'. The total amount of calcium intake per day is limited, whether it is through food or drugs, or both, the maximum can not exceed 2000 mg, otherwise it may not only lead to constipation, stones and other diseases, long-term high concentration of calcium will also lead to hypercalcemia, hinder the absorption and utilization of other nutrients such as iron and zinc, cause anemia and other side effects.

The correct amount of calcium supplement should be: the young people take 800 mg of calcium every day, and the old people can take 1000 mg if they have poor absorption. As for pregnant women, they should take 1000-1200 mg of calcium every day to meet the needs of themselves and their fetuses, and 1500 mg if they are seriously lack of calcium. Because we can take a certain amount of calcium in our daily diet, if we need to add additional calcium tablets, generally 600 mg / day, we can meet the physiological needs of the human body.

2. 'calcium food' can also supplement calcium

Calcium is one of the most important minerals that Chinese people lack in diet and nutrition. Therefore, when developing new products, food processing enterprises all think of adding calcium, such as calcium biscuits, calcium Cereals, calcium sesame paste, calcium drinks and so on. Even milk has the saying of "high calcium". However, can eating these foods really supplement calcium? The answer is: 'unreliable! How much calcium does calcium food contain? Who is monitoring? Is there an authoritative organization to identify? No! The so-called high calcium milk has a strong advertising color, and there is no exact statement about the form of calcium added to milk. '

In fact, people nowadays are very good at keeping in good health. Almost everyone knows the healthy diet, so although we know the healthy diet, we should not blindly supplement calcium. We must choose the right method. Through the above calcium supplement precautions, I believe we can help many women and the elderly with calcium deficiency to supplement calcium correctly, so we must remember these matters for everyone's health .