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Easy to catch a cold and cough in spring, drink five tonic soup can not only relieve cough but also

Spring is the season of high incidence of cold and cough. If you are often troubled by cold and cough, you might as well drink more lung moistening soup, which can help to relieve cough and prevent cold. So which soup helps nourish and moisten the lung?

Runfei Zhike drink more 5 kinds of soup

1. Almond and pig lung soup

Materials: 10g almond, 250g pig lung, ginger, Codonopsis pilosula, salt.

Method: wash and cut pig lung into pieces. Wash almonds and put them in casserole with pig lungs, ginger, Codonopsis pilosula and salt. Add water and bring to a boil. Simmer for two hours.

Efficacy: relieving cough and resolving phlegm, generating fluid and relieving thirst, moistening intestines and defecating, especially beneficial for patients with frequent respiratory diseases.

2. Shashen Baihe Runfei Decoction

Ingredients: 15 grams of Glehnia littoralis, 30 grams of lily, five figs, 18 grams of lean pork and 1 piece of tangerine peel.

Methods: first, wash the fig, cut it in half; wash the lean pork, wash it with flying water, wash the sea cucumber, tangerine peel and lily; put all the ingredients into the boiling water, continue to cook for about two hours with medium heat, add a little salt to taste, and then drink.

Efficacy: Radix Glehniae, Lily and fig all have the functions of nourishing yin and moistening lung, moistening dryness and clearing throat. In addition, lean pork with nourishing yin and tangerine peel with Invigorating Qi and spleen, drying dampness and resolving phlegm can moisten throat, protect vocal cords, smooth stool and prevent hemorrhoids.

3. Xueer duck kidney soup

Materials: 20g Xueer, 3-4 preserved duck kidneys, 200g lean pork and 3 slices ginger.

Methods: soak the snow fungus and tear it into small pieces; wash the duck kidney and soak it in warm water and cut it into thick pieces; wash the lean pork and cut it into pieces. Add 2000ml of water (about 8 bowls), bring to a boil over high fire and simmer over low fire for about 1.5 hours, then add salt.

Efficacy: Xueer can cure palpitation, insomnia, neurasthenia, nourishing and moisturizing skin, cough due to fatigue, thirst due to deficiency heat, metrorrhagia and constipation of women, etc. It has the functions of strengthening spleen and stomach, moistening lung and relieving cough.

4. Chicken soup with apple and scallop

Ingredients: half Sanhuang chicken, 2 apples, 15g longan meat, 15g scallops, a few slices of ginger.

Method: wash Sanhuang chicken and cut it into small pieces. Blanch the chicken in boiling water, rinse with clean water and drain. Add 6 bowls of water into the soup pot and put the boiled chicken in the pot. Wash the apple, cut it into pieces and remove the core. Put the cleaned longan meat, Sichuan scallops, apples and ginger slices into the soup pot. Bring to a boil over high heat, turn to low heat and cook for 2 hours.

Efficacy: eating apples often can improve the function of respiratory system and lung. Stewing apples with Chuanbei, which has the functions of clearing away heat and resolving phlegm, moistening lung and relieving cough, can achieve the effect of moistening lung and relieving cough. With nutritious chicken and longan, it can replenish qi and blood, clear heart and nourish lung.

5. Snow pear and tremella soup

Materials: 1 Sydney, 30g water hair tremella, 5g Fritillaria, proper amount of sugar.

Methods: remove the roots and impurities of Tremella fuciformis, wash and tear it into small pieces; peel and seed the Sydney, and cut it into several pieces. Put the slices of tremella, snow pear, Fritillaria and sugar in the stewing dish, steam for 30-40 minutes, take them out and serve them on the plate.

Efficacy: this decoction can nourish yin, clear lung, eliminate phlegm and reduce fire.