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Check the six tips of nourishing liver for men, don't let daily habits continue to cripple your body

What are the methods of nourishing and protecting the liver? Liver is the busiest organ in the human body, which plays the role of detoxification, protein metabolism and decomposition. Modern people's bad habits, such as abnormal work and rest, staying up late and even drinking and smoking, can virtually damage the liver. The US' fitnea 'health website provides six daily tips to help comprehensively enhance liver function.

Six methods of nourishing and protecting liver

Drink more lemonade.

Water helps to speed up metabolism, remove impurities and toxins from the body, and reduce the burden on the liver. After getting up every day, first drink a cup of warm boiled water, it can wake up the function of the whole body. Dr. Peter Kramer, an American expert on liver diseases, suggested that lemon should be added to the water. The acidity of lemon can promote the liver to produce bile, which is conducive to the body's detoxification. Drink 8-10 cups a day, 300 ml each time.

2. Often eat purple cabbage.

Cruciferous vegetables include beet, radish, cabbage, purple cabbage and sesame, or vegetables containing sulfur, such as onion, garlic and cauliflower, which can enhance the body's detoxification function. Eating two servings of cruciferous vegetables a day can enhance the detoxification function of the liver.

Methods of nourishing and protecting liver 3. Massage regularly.

When lying on your back, gently massage the gallbladder and liver, about under the ribs on the right side of your body. Stephen & middot; Stewart, an expert on liver diseases at met hospital in the UK, believes that massage can help promote blood circulation in the liver and improve the metabolic function of the whole body.

Keep away from alcohol and medicine.

Alcohol is extremely harmful to liver function. People with liver damage must stop drinking. In addition, many people are not in good health and are used to buying over-the-counter painkillers in pharmacies. However, these drugs may contain acetaminophen, which may produce some toxic metabolites after liver metabolism, causing liver damage.

Methods of nourishing liver and protecting liver 5. Supplement minerals.

Make sure you get enough minerals in your diet, such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, zinc, selenium and manganese. Patients with liver cirrhosis will also be advised to take more vitamins and minerals than usual to activate liver function.

Methods of nourishing liver and protecting liver 6. Self made liver protecting tea.

Silymarin, turmeric and dandelion are all thought to help clean and protect the liver. Try taking 45 mg of turmeric, 400 mg of dandelion extract or 400 mg of silymarin daily. Fresh dandelion roots can also be soaked in boiling water instead of tea, but to ensure that they are not contaminated by chemical pesticides.