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Take stock of the six spring skincare tips to make your skin perfect

Spring is a season full of vitality. It is very suitable to go out and play. However, the skin of female friends has experienced the invasion of a cold winter, it is inevitable that some skin problems, making beauty women very distressed, so spring skin care is particularly important. What does spring eat good to the skin? Today, from the perspective of women's beauty, Sihai Xiaobian takes you to know what are the spring skincare tips.

1. Cherry

Cherry is a very good fruit, often eat cherry is very good for our skin health, and has a very good effect of tonifying deficiency and nourishing blood. American researchers also found that eating cherry can significantly reduce pain. The weather is dry, the mouth is easy to smell, extrusion cherry juice, diluted with water after rinse mouth, can help you eliminate this trouble.

2. Oranges

Frequent emotional excitement increases the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke. Experts suggest that people often eat oranges to reduce the risk of these diseases. But pay attention not to eat more than 4 a day, or you may have the symptoms of "inflamed" as called by traditional Chinese medicine, such as long mouth sores.

3. Pitaya

Pitaya is a very common fruit, not only contains rich nutritional value, but also is very beneficial to the skin, very suitable for female friends to eat. It contains plant albumin, anthocyanins, vitamins and water-soluble dietary fiber. Albumin is a kind of viscous and colloidal substance, which has detoxification effect on heavy metal poisoning.

4. Pomelo

Grapefruit is a kind of fruit to ensure human health and healthy operation of cardiovascular system. It contains pectin can reduce low density lipoprotein, reduce the damage of arterial wall, maintain vascular function, prevent arteriosclerosis and heart disease. The researchers also found that eating eight grapefruit can significantly promote the recovery of injured tissues and organs during exercise.

5. Grapes

Grapes are very suitable for lazy people, because the eating method is very simple, and the nutritional value of grape skin and grape seed is more nutritious than that of grape pulp. The reason why red wine has better health care effect than white wine is that it is brewed with skin. The researchers also found that pectin can reduce LDL, and 85% of it is absorbed and utilized after it enters the human body.

6. Banana

Eating bananas can help people who are weak and sentimental to dispel pessimism and irritability and maintain a peaceful and happy mood. This is mainly because it can increase the content of serotonin in the brain. The study found that the content of serotonin in the brain of patients with depression is less than that of ordinary people.