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It's always easy to feel sleepy and muddled at work in spring

Spring flowers, warm sun, is not always feel sleepy. There is no spirit to work and no motivation to work. What should I do? How to alleviate the phenomenon of sleepiness? Let's have a look at it with Sihai Xiaobian!

Everyone is easy to be sleepy at different time points. Some people are easy to be sleepy in the morning, some people are easy to be sleepy in the afternoon, and some people are easy to be sleepy at night. No matter which one you are, you can find ways to alleviate the problem of sleepiness.

Coffee has a good refreshing effect. You can make a cup of hot coffee when you are sleepy. After drinking, your mental state will be slightly improved.

If you don't prepare coffee or don't like the taste of coffee, you can use tea instead. Maojian tea has a light taste, and its refreshing effect is not obvious. In order to achieve better refreshing effect, you need to make a cup of tea with big leaves and strong taste. After drinking, your mental state can be significantly improved.

If drinking tea or coffee can't relieve sleepiness, you can do some simple exercises, such as walking back and forth, skipping rope, climbing stairs, etc.

It's also a good choice to chat with others. When you are sleepy, you can write a line to your best friend and find a better topic. After talking and laughing together, you will be driven away naturally.

Or you can put down your work and do something else. When you are writing, you can choose to tap the keyboard. When you are counting some numbers, you can draw pictures. That is to say, you can jump out of the original thing that makes you sleepy and do something else. You will have a different mental outlook.