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Take stock of the three recipes for health preservation at home in summer

Many women are paying attention to some of the most suitable health foods in summer, among which women's health porridge is one of the most concerned foods. However, how to drink porridge in summer? Women who pay attention to health care will take different ways to keep in good health. Next, we'll share three home health recipes with you. Let's learn them together!

Home health recipe: sheep bone and leek porridge

Ingredients: sheep bone 800g, fresh leek 60g, japonica rice 200g, onion 3, vinegar 2G, refined salt 8g, ginger 25g,.

Production process: if you want to keep healthy in spring, we can wash the sheep bone first. Then, use the knife back to chop up, add water to fry the soup, skim the foam, add ginger, onion and vinegar, then wash the rice pot, cook the rice to the waist, pick ginger and onion, add the leek short section, cook thick, remove the bone, add refined salt to seasoning, warm food. This porridge is thick and delicious.

Home health recipe: radish and rice porridge

Ingredients: japonica rice 200g, white radish 350g.

Production process: first, wash the white radish and cut it into small pieces; wash the japonica rice and put it into the pot, add appropriate amount of water and radish into the pot, and cook it as porridge. That's why we say the folk proverb: "when the radish comes out, the doctor cries." people often eat radish porridge, which is very good for fitness. It can be used for breakfast and dinner. Where the factors eat fat, sweet, thick taste more, and digestion ability is weak, you can eat this porridge.

Home health recipe: yam egg yolk porridge

Ingredients: 06g yam, 250g japonica rice, 3 egg yolks.

Production process: break the egg, remove the white and leave the yellow, use chopsticks to spread the yellow; wash the yam, slice, and wash the japonica rice. Put Chinese yam and japonica rice into the pot together, add appropriate amount of water and cook for porridge. Before cooking, pour the egg yolk into the porridge, stir and bring to a boil. This yam and egg yolk porridge can strengthen the spleen and stomach, relieve thirst and diarrhea. It is an excellent nourishing food in spring. It is also suitable for restlessness, fatigue, hematemesis, scald, heat sores, liver, dyspepsia in children, etc. How to keep in good health in spring.