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I didn't expect that swimming could improve the ability of that aspect

Life lies in exercise, and exercise comes from health. Health is something that money can't buy. So do you know that there is a way to lose weight that is both economical and healthy? That's exercise regimen. There are many ways to keep fit. Let's take a look at which healthy exercises are beneficial to our life.

Swimming: one of the necessary skills for survival, or very healthy exercise. Regular swimming is good for strengthening cardiopulmonary function, exercising flexibility and strength. It is also good for the patients to recover their health and the women to regain their shape after giving birth. It is a good exercise for the elderly and the frail. It can consume 175 calories every half an hour.

Basketball: very sunny, cool boys and girls love sports. Playing basketball often can enhance flexibility and strengthen cardiopulmonary function. As for heat consumption, 250 calories per half hour.

Jogging: a good sport for all ages. Jog for half an hour every day, exercise vital capacity, help heart, lung and blood circulation. The longer you run, the more calories you consume, 300 calories per half hour.

Bicycle: green sport, very suitable for students, party and office workers. It's good for heart, lung and legs to keep cycling every day. Cycling consumes 330 calories every half hour.

Rope skipping: one of the bodybuilding sports. Jumping rope often can improve one's posture. It should be noted that people over 35 should not jump rope too hard. It is understood that skipping rope consumes up to 400 calories every half hour.

Track and field: competitive sports, is also one of the most popular sports. Taking part in track and field events can exercise the whole body. If we insist on track and field training every day, we can consume 450 calories every half an hour.