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The functions of tea that you are not familiar with can also be used as beauty products

The tea we often drink has far more functions than we know. Different teas can not only clean the intestines and nourish the face, refresh the mind, but also be used as beauty products. There are many kinds of tea beauty products, such as tea cleansing cream, tea make-up water, tea mask, Tea Whitening Cream, tea sunscreen lotion, tea shampoo, etc. they all take advantage of the beauty effect of tea, and have the advantages of safety and irritation. The use method is simple, economical and applicable, and good results can be achieved by long-term adherence. Next, let's learn about it with Xiaobian!

Sterilization and beriberi treatment

Tea contains a lot of tannic acid, which has a strong bactericidal effect, especially on the filamentous bacteria causing beriberi. Therefore, those who suffer from beriberi will boil tea into thick juice every night to wash their feet, which will be cured for a long time. However, to make tea and wash your feet, you should persevere and have no significant effect in a short period of time. And it's better to use green tea. The content of tannic acid in fermented black tea is much less.

Tea soup wash face

After washing your face in the evening, make a cup of tea, apply the tea soup to your face, pat your face gently, or attach the cotton cloth dipped in the tea soup to your face, and then wash with water. The tea color on the face can be eliminated naturally after a night, which can remove the spots and whiten the skin.

Tea Mask

Mix 1 teaspoon flour and 1 yolk, then add 1 teaspoon green tea powder. Put it evenly on the cleaned face and wash it in 20 minutes. You can also mix 1 spoons of sugar tea soup and 1 spoons of flour to make a mask and wash your face after 15-20 minutes. It can eliminate acne and grease.

Tea to black eye

Put a small cup of tea in the refrigerator for about 15 minutes, then soak it in the tea with a small cotton pad, and then apply it on the eyelids, which can reduce the obvious degree of black circles.

Tea wrinkle and beauty

Brew the tea and squeeze it dry. Put it in a gauze bag. Close your eyes and put the tea bag on your eyes for 10-15 minutes. It can relieve the fatigue of the eyes, improve the dark circles and treat the inflammation of the eyes.

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