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Take stock of 10 tips to relieve eye fatigue quickly

Office workers work nine to five times a day, and their eyes are sore, swollen, dry, and blurred & hellip; & hellip; electric eye is no longer attractive. It's not only the spine that is hurt by sitting for a long time, but also the health score of the eyes.

Our eyes are an organ that consumes a lot of Qi and blood. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the essence and Qi of all organs are injected into the eyes, making the eyes play the function of seeing. If you look for a long time, your qi and blood will be lost, and your eyes' various functions including adjustment, lubrication, and sight will be weakened. Did you catch the signal of overwork? Headache, tired eyes, itching, dry eyes or tears, sore neck, back or shoulders, blurred vision, sensitive to light

Have you ever been staring at a computer screen for more than two hours? Computers can make us more efficient, but they also have disadvantages: staring at a computer screen for a long time will make you suffer from 'computer vision syndrome'.

The symptom is that the eyes feel tired and sore after sitting in front of the computer screen one day, and the "computer vision syndrome" plagues 64% - 90% of office workers. This symptom may not cause permanent eye damage, but it can still make people who often use computers uncomfortable. The most common symptoms of "computer vision syndrome" include tired eyes, redness, irritation, dryness, burning sensation, blurred vision, double vision, headache and neck and shoulder pain after using the computer.

You don't need to close your eyes to relax

The easiest and most effective way to prevent eye fatigue is to make sure your eyes are off the screen and rest. Because different types of muscles control different areas of the eye, you don't have to close your eyes to rest, you just need to change your vision. If you've been staring at the screen for too long, look up. Look out the window for a moment, stand up and walk around the house or go for a walk. Looking at something farther than your screen will help your eyes relax.

Ten quick ways to relieve eye fatigue

If you have symptoms of eye discomfort, here are some quick fixes:

(1) blink

Blinking is important because it provides water to the eye to prevent itching or dryness.

(2) adjust the indoor light

Make sure to use a computer in a well lit room. Comfortable light is necessary to prevent eye fatigue and help reduce stress.

(3) adjust the brightness and contrast of the computer

Enter the computer display settings and make necessary adjustments.

(4) rest yourself

Don't stare at the computer for a long time or sit still for a few hours.

(5) mobile display

If your computer screen is confined to a corner of a small space, try to move the monitor to an area where your eyes can be far away from the monitor.

(6) eliminate glare

Glare from a computer screen, wall, window, or any reflective surface can cause eye strain. If possible, install an anti glare screen on the monitor to cover the reflective source as much as possible. If you are not ready, you should pull down the blinds or curtains to minimize the glare caused by outdoor sunlight.

(7) eye exercises

Simple eye exercises can prevent or reduce eye fatigue.

(8) splash some water on your eyes

If you feel burning in your eyes, go to the bathroom and splash some cold water on your eyes. The water dries slowly before returning to the office.

(9) facial massage

Wet the towel or paper towel with warm water, gently wipe the face, forehead and neck, and then massage slowly.

(10) see an ophthalmologist

If any symptoms of eye fatigue persist, see a doctor.