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Take stock of 4 health things women must do before going to bed

A woman is always too busy in the day. She has to go to work in the daytime and look after her family when she gets home in the evening. She has no time to take care of her own affairs. My health is so delayed. In fact, it's very easy to be healthy. Please take a look with the small editor of, and check the 4 health things that women must do before going to bed.

1、 Tap the scalp with your fingers

According to the introduction of traditional Chinese medicine, five fingers combing can promote blood circulation, stimulate the scalp, make the hair grow faster, reduce hair loss, relax the brain, and improve sleep quality.

2、 Wash your face and brush your teeth

This does not need to be introduced more. From the kindergarten, the teacher taught us to wash our faces and brush our teeth before going to bed. Washing your face and brushing your teeth before going to bed is more important than washing your face and brushing your teeth in the morning. It can not only clear the dirt in your mouth, but also help you fall asleep.

3、 Breathability

Don't close the doors and windows as soon as you go home. Try to open the windows for ventilation to keep the air in the room. Manage the doors and windows before you go to sleep. This is good for the respiratory tract and the body, and it can play a calming role.

4、 Hot water feet

Hot water feet can promote the blood circulation of the whole body, make the liver and kidney operate normally, accelerate the metabolism of the body, which is beneficial to health and sleep.