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Ten mistakes of eating fruits in autumn

In autumn, the body will lack a lot of water due to dry and dry weather. It is easy for the human body to catch fire. However, autumn is also a season for delicious fruits and fruits to mature. Fruits are not only rich in water, but also can supplement the nutrients needed by the human body, maintain the skin, moisten the lung and make it smooth, which is the best choice for health preservation in autumn. But everything has a degree, can't blindly eat a lot of fruit, the following small make-up to popularize some fruit eating mistakes, see how much you know.

1. Avoid eating too much fruit

A large number of fruit consumption will lead to copper deficiency in the human body, resulting in increased cholesterol in the blood, causing coronary heart disease, so it is not appropriate to eat too much fruit in a short time. There is another situation, such as citrus fruit, eating more will cause the skin to turn yellow.

2. Fruit should not be sterilized with alcohol

Although alcohol can kill bacteria on the surface of fruit, it will change the color, aroma and taste of fruit. Alcohol and the acid role of fruit will reduce the nutritional value of fruit.

3. Don't blindly pursue the appearance of fruit

Many people think that the fruit with bright color, complete and large size is the good fruit, which may fall into the trap of illegal traders using illegal means to forge the appearance.

4. Avoid gargling when eating fruit

Some fruits contain a variety of fermented sugars, which are corrosive to teeth. If you don't rinse after eating, the fruit residue in your mouth is easy to cause caries.

5. Avoid eating fruit immediately after meals

Eating fruit immediately after meals will not help digestion, but will cause flatulence and constipation. Therefore, fruit should be eaten 2 hours after meal or 1 hour before meal.

6. Do not peel raw fruit

Some people think that the vitamin content in the peel is higher than that in the pulp, so they eat the fruit together with the peel. As we all know, when diseases and insect pests occur in fruits, they are often killed by spraying pesticides. The pesticides will be soaked and remain in the wax of the peel, so the pesticide residues in the peel are much higher than in the pulp.

7. Avoid unhealthy fruits

Eating rotten fruits, fruits without dust-proof and fly proof equipment and without thorough cleaning and disinfection, such as strawberries, mulberry, sliced watermelon, etc., are prone to diarrhea, typhoid, acute gastroenteritis and other digestive tract infectious diseases.

8. The risk of 'foreign fruit' is no lower than that of 'native fruit'

Many consumers think that 'foreign fruits' are safer. In fact, the local fruit quality and safety mechanism is relatively sound. Some 'foreign fruits' travel far to the ocean, so it is necessary to use more preservatives and preservatives in preservation and storage, which may be more dangerous than' native fruits'.

9. Avoid cutting fruit with a kitchen knife

Because the scalpel often contacts with meat, fish and vegetables, it will bring parasites or parasite eggs to fruits, making people infected with parasitosis. In particular, the rust on the kitchen knife and the tannic acid contained in the apple will react chemically, making the color, fragrance and taste of the apple worse.

10. Most fruits are cold, which is better to eat in the afternoon

Some people are used to eating fruit when they get up. In fact, fruit is mostly cold food, when you get up, it will stimulate your stomach. It is best to eat fruit at 3 or 4 p.m., which is conducive to the absorption and utilization of nutrition.