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How to eliminate cell phone dependence

Mobile phone is the most popular topic in recent years. In fact, the development history of mobile phone has been several decades. With the development of mobile phone intelligence, online shopping has replaced face-to-face transaction, video call has replaced face-to-face communication, shopping websites have replaced shopping malls, wechat QQ has realized everyone's dream of 'Party' every day, online chatting, shopping and watching news have completely dismissed us In the time of chatting, I think more and more people regard mobile phones as an important necessity as eating. However, the question is, to what extent do we rely on mobile phones? Can online chatting make us closer to friends and relatives? In fact, on the contrary, relying on mobile phones makes us completely ignore the communication between relatives and friends around us. Relatives and friends are more and more far away, which is the most terrible In reality, when we get together, everyone silently plays with their mobile phones. Even Xiaobian feels that face-to-face communication is not as high as chatting on the Internet. Buckle up the mobile phone on the way to work, buckle up the mobile phone in boring time, take out the mobile phone from time to time in the car on the bed on the road to have a look. It's just a habit not to look at the content. The first thing in the morning is to turn on the mobile phone to read the micro blog, and brush the circle of friends before going to bed at night. You don't know what kind of degree it's terrible to rely on the mobile phone. Teenagers can't get rid of their addiction to the Internet, but the dependence on the mobile phone is far greater than that of Teenagers are addicted to the Internet, because the state can issue policies to prohibit teenagers from entering Internet bars, but the government has no way to prevent people from accessing the Internet through mobile phones. In the face of these increasingly serious problems, the only thing we can do is to start from ourselves. Here are a few ways to 'clean yourself' so that you can please rely on your mobile phone.

Method 1: I am a person who knows when and how to use a smart phone

Although the mobile phone is a civilized tool that can communicate with friends even in the room, what we need to tell ourselves is that the mobile phone is used for use, not for dependence. We need to tell ourselves that we are a smart person who knows how to make good and reasonable use of the mobile phone.

Method 2: I just need to get the necessary information through my mobile phone

The resources on the network are complex and huge. Sometimes when you use your mobile phone to surf the Internet, it will cause confusion and forget what kind of information you were looking for. Therefore, we need to tell ourselves what information we want at any time, so that we won't be taken away by meaningless information, which wastes time and produces meaningless dependence.

Method 3: I can keep close relationship with my friends

People who use more smartphones hold more or less uneasy feelings when they communicate with others, which is due to the lack of real contact with friends due to excessive use of mobile phones. We should strengthen the contact with our friends in real life. When we communicate with our friends through mobile phones, we should always tell ourselves that our relationship with our friends is unbreakable.

Method 4: I can always feel satisfied

The root cause of all dependence is' lack of satisfaction '. If you don't know what kind of state you feel satisfied with, you will always be in a state of dissatisfaction. So you need to always tell yourself that I'm satisfied with this situation and I know what it is when I'm satisfied.

Solution 5: I can accept myself relying on smart phones

In the process of self persuasion, it is very important not to get tired of yourself, to accept yourself but at the same time to hold guilt for yourself who depends on mobile phone. If you want to use a mobile phone anyway, ask yourself in your heart why you need to rely so much on it, so that when you feel uneasy, you can better find the answer from your heart, and at the same time, you won't have self disgust.

In this way, it is very important to ask questions, hypnotize and admonish yourself constantly to affect the potential consciousness of individuals. However, it should be noted that when admonishing yourself, never use negative sentences. For the subconscious, there is no difference between "don't rely on mobile phone" and "rely on mobile phone". At the same time, I ask myself questions, admonish and affirm myself, and at the same time, I consciously do not rely too much on mobile phones, so I can get along well with them.

Although the above small methods have little effect, they are only a few ways to get rid of your dependence. Friends, don't let your mobile phone pull you far away from your relatives and friends. Don't let Mingming friends be around you, but you are holding your mobile phone to separate them from the world