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How many calories are there in the biscuits that women should never eat for fear of getting fat

Biscuits are indispensable in our female snacks. They taste sweet, fragrant and delicious. But, female friends, do you know how many calories there are in this small biscuit? Well, you don't believe it? It doesn't matter. Let's talk about the ingredients of biscuits.

The most important ingredient of biscuits is oil, especially butter and chocolate. Now let's learn about the ingredients of biscuits

Biscuits: the oil in biscuits is very rich, especially a variety of high fiber biscuits. Under the banner of high fiber, they attract many people who are eager to eat without fat. However, in order to have a perfect taste of high fiber biscuits, more oil must be added.

Hua Mei: Although Hua Mei is sour and sweet, there is a lot of salt in it. Taking too much salt is very harmful to keep fit, because once the salt in the body increases, the body will adjust the concentration of salt to a certain state, which requires hoarding

A lot of water, it is easy to let you 'edema', so do not eat more.

These are women's understanding of the ingredients of biscuits. Do you understand? Diet conditioning tells you that although biscuits are small, their fat content is not smaller than big things. Therefore, female friends who want to keep their body shape should not eat them, or after eating, do some strenuous exercise to consume them. They can't sleep right away!