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How to eat tomato diet dinner

Nowadays, many women are concerned about the diet of weight loss dinner. For women who want to lose weight, eating delicious dinner is the key. Among them, women prefer Xihong dinner, which is the holy product of weight loss: low calorie, high fiber and strong satiety. Therefore, how to eat tomato dinner to lose weight? Let's take a look at the introduction of healthy recipes!

1. When? With dinner

You can cut raw tomatoes into thin slices, or you can make small tomatoes into salads directly. You can drink some tomato juice with dinner, or add some ketchup, vegetable puree and canned tomatoes to add color.

In addition, for those "big stomach king", the food fiber and pectin rich in tomatoes are the saviors: they can strongly expand the stomach, stimulate the satiety center, send out the "full" stimulation signal to the brain, and speed up the gastrointestinal peristalsis to promote the elimination of waste in the body.

2. How much do you eat? You need to take more than 15 mg of lycopene a day

When you make up your mind to start the 'tomato diet at night' life, please remember that you must ensure a daily intake of more than 15 mg of lycopene.

When eating tomatoes raw

You can eat two big tomatoes. The red line (usually bright red, hard skin and hard to peel) is better than the peach line (usually yellowish, bright and thin skin, easy to peel), and contains three times as much lycopene as the peach line. Or eat 17 small tomatoes, also known as virgin fruit, with higher nutrients, carotene, vitamin C, and food fiber are 1.5-2 times of ordinary tomatoes.

3. How long? At least 3 months, preferably half a year

It's different from the devil's weight-loss method which pursues quick success but is especially harmful to one's health. The 'tomato weight loss at night' hopes that people can eat well, sleep well, have good skin and be in a good mood. So please don't expect miracles like eating 5 jin of meat a week. Although you may find that you have lost 2kg in a month, please stick to it.

From a medical point of view, it takes an average of six months for the body's metabolism and other circulatory cycles. When the body can 'Remember' this state that lasts for six months, it can really maintain it for a longer time and more effectively. So, please insist on at least 3 ~ 5 months, let our body firmly 'Remember' the light state after becoming thin.

4. The indispensable factor of success is to live a regular life as much as possible

Overeating, overeating and lack of sleep are also bad habits in daily life. Therefore, eating three meals regularly, adjusting the time of going to bed and getting up, and ensuring adequate sleep are all essential contents of the 'tomato diet at night'.

The lack of this factor, tomatoes even if there are thousands of wonderful, but also difficult to play its magic. Although lycopene has a wonderful effect on reducing fat and fighting off excess oxygen free radicals, we must not rely on it excessively. Good diet and work and rest habits are also indispensable.