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Check 5 ways to improve irregular menstruation, keep clean, pay attention to diet is particularly im

Irregular menstruation is a common female disease in our life. After the occurrence of irregular menstruation, it also brings great harm to every female friend, causing many female friends to affect their normal life and mental health. So what methods do women use to improve irregular menstruation?

1. Get menstruation not how to do -- keep clean

Not suitable for bath, vaginal washing, strictly prohibit sex, so as to avoid infection of damp heat toxin, diseases and insect pests, damage Chong Ren, uterus and gynecological diseases. Got menstruation not how to do, notice vulva cleanness at the same time, sanitary napkin and underpants should be soft, change frequently.

2. Got menstruation not how to do -- pay attention to diet

Get menstruation not how to do, especially to ensure cholesterol nutrition intake, such as meat, animal viscera, crab roe, whole fat cream, egg yolk, etc. In terms of diet, although there are no special restrictions, what should be done if you have irregular menstruation? However, patients with menstrual disorders should try to eat less pungent food during menstruation, so as to improve their physical fitness with a healthy diet, which is conducive to the improvement of their condition.

3. How to do with irregular menstruation

How to deal with irregular menstruation? During menstruation, we should prevent cold and dampness, avoid rain, wading and swimming. We should not eat raw and cold food or eat less spicy and hot food. We should not drink alcohol.

4. How to do with irregular menstruation

Got irregular menstruation how to do, menstrual bleeding, Yin blood partial deficiency, liver Qi partial Sheng, at this time the mood is easy to fluctuate. In case of worry, panic, sadness, anger, get irregular menstruation how to do, can cause Chong Ren disharmony of Qi and blood and the occurrence of pre menstruation, menorrhagia, dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea and other diseases. Therefore, menstrual period to maintain a comfortable mood, emotional stability, so as not to aggravate the occurrence of menstrual discomfort or menstrual disease.

5. Get menstruation not how to do -- avoid tired

Overwork, old gas consumption, Qi deficiency, blood loss control, prone to menorrhagia, prolonged menstruation, and even metrorrhagia. Get menstruation not how to do, so menstruation should not participate in strong physical labor and intense sports.

Through the introduction of the above article content, we should have a more understanding of the methods to improve irregular menstruation. The above introduction of these methods for improving irregular menstruation effect is relatively good, hope to bring help to more female friends, female friends in life must pay more attention to rest, work and rest, reasonable diet.