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Spring travel after sun whitening 4 size coup do not see you absolutely regret

First of all, everyone's sun exposure is different, and their skin texture is also different, so there will be different reactions after sun exposure. The following are the four common stages after sun exposure. Babies can take targeted measures according to their own situation.

Four stages within 72 hours after sun exposure

1. Skin fever

If you continue to be exposed to high temperature, even if you apply sunscreen, it may be difficult to resist the strong ultraviolet radiation. When you begin to feel the skin scalding, fever, at this time the skin has been in a state of water shortage, to give the skin timely water cooling.

Method: the simplest and most effective way is to carry a small spray with each other, so that it can be sprayed on all parts of the fever in time.

2. Skin pain

If you don't replenish water in time or move to a cool place to rest and continue to expose yourself to the sun, you will easily get a slight sunburn. This kind of situation is most likely to occur in military training and seaside play. Specific symptoms for a little touch of the skin, will feel tingling.

Methods: use mild repair products, such as aloe glue, essence, emulsion.

3. Dark skin

A baby who likes swimming should feel very much. After swimming in an outdoor swimming pool for two hours in summer, it seems that his arm is coated with a layer of 'gray' when he goes ashore. This is a gradual process of tanning, but there are ways to prevent further tanning with timely remedy.

Methods: use the whitening mask for 24 hours.

4. Skin molting

If the skin sun to molt, it is a relatively heavy degree of sunburn. At this time to determine the severity of molting, if it is a large area of peeling, please go to the hospital in time to avoid more skin problems. If it is a small area of peeling, need to add a lot of live spring water.

Methods: soak gauze with spring water and apply it on the desquamate part.