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Make up in spring should be moderate, and correct make-up of eyes can be healthy and charming

It is said that eyes are the window of the soul, and make-up can make this window more colorful. Emerge in an endless stream of eyelashes, eye liner, and eye shadow … … endless make-up techniques are outstanding. But make up to pay attention to some matters, in order to prevent injury to the eyes. Let's have a look at it with Sihai Xiaobian!

1. Forget to remove make-up and get chalazion

Although various cosmetics can beautify the skin and bring beauty and self-confidence to women, there are also many hidden dangers, especially the delicate eyes. For many women, make-up has become a daily necessity, and eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara are few and far between. It's troublesome to put on make-up, but it's even more difficult to remove it. It takes more than ten minutes to carefully remove the make-up when you get home every night.

Chalazion, also known as meibomian gland cyst in medicine. There is meibomian gland at the edge of upper and lower eyelids of human eyes. The unobstructed meibomian gland tube secretes lipid substances to moisten the eyes. In the course of time, the eyelid glands can be blocked by cosmetics such as eyeliner and mascara. If the makeup is not thoroughly removed, it is easy to cause secretion. Too large cysts not only affect the appearance, for a long time, but also may be complicated with infection, affect the meibomian gland function, and then damage the tear film function, leading to dry eye and other diseases. Therefore, once female friends have this eye discomfort, they should seek the help of a professional doctor in time.

2. Make up correctly and take care of eye health

Eye discomfort caused by make-up to the hospital, the most common is the chemical substances in cosmetics cause eye irritation, allergy, and even corneal, conjunctival damage. Chemical reagents in cosmetics are detrimental to delicate and sensitive eyes and surrounding skin, especially drawing eyeliner, mascara and false eyelashes, which are very close to the eyes. It is more likely to cause eye foreign body irritation. If not handled in time, it may bring more trouble.

Women should be careful when choosing cosmetics, especially eye cosmetics. Doctors suggest that the use of regular brands of cosmetics, do not buy poor quality, lead content is too high type, and pay attention to the use of time. Once beyond the shelf life, it should be replaced in time. For people with allergic constitution, when choosing new cosmetics, it is better to try them on the back of the hand first, instead of taking the skin around the eyes as the test area.

When putting on make-up, close your eyes slightly to avoid powder or liquid falling into your eyes. If it falls into your eyes, don't rub it with force. Wash your eyes with plenty of water immediately and go to the hospital in time according to the damage of your eyes. In summer or sweaty occasions, waterproof cosmetics should be selected as far as possible to avoid the infiltration of cosmetics into the eyes and inflammation when sweating or taking a shower.

In addition, make-up time should not be too long, make-up for a whole day of women, it is best to remove makeup in time after going home. When removing make-up, try to use professional eye make-up removal products, and do not rub oil and cream into the eyes. It is most important to remove the make-up gently. In clinical treatment, people who need to clean the eyelid edge can use cotton swab to dip a small amount of mild and non irritating baby shower gel to help clean after removing makeup.