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Two kinds of food with women's health in summer

Summer is a high temperature season, which brings great harm to women. Many women have no appetite in summer, so healthy diet is very important. In summer, we must make the right choice in diet. Do you know what healthy food is in summer?

The first fungus: Auricularia auricula

Reasons for listing: Auricularia auricula tastes sweet and has a flat nature. It can return to the stomach and large intestine meridians. It has the effects of Supplementing Qi, moistening lung, tonifying brain, lightening body and cooling blood. It is known as' blood vessel scavenger '. Eating more black Auricularia auricula in summer is beneficial to detoxification and defecation on the one hand, and cooling blood and increasing appetite on the other.

Best match: Tremella fuciformis has the effect of moistening lung and promoting body fluid, nourishing qi and blood, nourishing kidney and essence. After soaking the ears in warm water, they are steamed together with rock sugar and water in a steamer to make Shuanger decoction, which has the effect of Nourishing Yin, moistening lung, tonifying kidney and strengthening brain.

The best way to cook: stir fry, cold mix, soup can be done.

First porridge: mung bean porridge

Reason for being on the list: mung bean has the reputation of "the best food in the world, the best food for the world". In the hot summer, mung bean soup is the people's favorite summer drink. Mung bean is also used as food and medicine. It can be used to clear away heat and toxin, relieve summer heat, promote diuresis, treat summer heat, thirst and edema. However, it should be noted that mung bean is a kind of cool medicine. Excessive drinking of mung bean will lead to abdominal pain and diarrhea in patients with body deficiency or spleen stomach deficiency, and it is not suitable for those with Yin deficiency to drink in large quantities, otherwise, it will lead to mouth erosion and gingival swelling and pain.

Best match: can match rice or black beans and other beans to make bean porridge, can supplement more trace elements and B vitamins.

Everyone needs to be healthy, but we need to know that our health needs to be maintained. Healthy food in summer is of great help to women's health, so women must choose the most suitable healthy food for their health.