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Have you learned about ginkgo milk drink whitening, skin care and anti allergy

Ginkgo 30g, chrysanthemum 4, Sydney 4, 200 ml milk, honey amount.

[preparation method]

1. Shell the ginkgo, blanch the clothes with boiling water, remove the heart; wash the chrysanthemum, take the petals for standby; peel the Sydney, take the pear flesh and cut into grains.

2. Put the ginkgo and Sydney into the pot, add some water, boil them with fire, then use slow fire to make them well cooked, add chrysanthemum petals and milk, boil them, and mix them with honey. [features]

The fruit is ripe, fragrant and tasteful.

[efficacy] ginkgo contains protein, fat, sugar, various amino acids, carotene, vitamin BL, vitamin B2, etc. Its taste is sweet, bitter, astringent, flat, has anti allergy, anti-aging, anti microbial effect. Ginkgo, Chrysanthemum morifolium, Sydney and milk are rich in nutrition, tonifying deficiency, benefiting lung and stomach, promoting body fluid and moistening large intestine. They are often eaten by women. They can remove freckles, clean skin, moisten skin, whiten and resist allergy