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Do you really do a good job in moisturizing and isolating

Originally, we were still struggling in the hot heat, but suddenly the weather changed and our face cooled down greatly, which made us immediately abandon the refreshing T-shirt and long skirt and turn to the warm sweater. Our body has done a good job in cold protection, but have you done a good job in moisturizing and isolating the skin?

At this time might as well try moistening air cushion CC Cream Moisturizing not card powder, natural naked make-up one by one, easy to create.

1: Mary daiga CC cream

The price after the coupon is ¥ 179

Mary Daijia air cushion CC cream has larger capacity than ordinary CC cream. It is moisturizing and long-lasting. It can lock water and moisturize. It has transparent and glossy film to keep the water locking ingredients and make the make-up more durable.

2: Cleo banana milk CC cream

Promotion price & yen; 49.00

This series of CC frost river looks like a milk box. It looks delicious. Hand cream is easy to carry, but the concealer is not strong enough for BB cream and foundation. It is more suitable for office workers and students to use nude make-up. 3: Korean air cushion CC cream

The price after the coupon is ¥ 49-119

Double layer 3D snow gauze technology is adopted to control the amount of material to be fine, and instantly improve the concealer force. The foundation is not easy to volatilize, and the use is more durable.

4: Kazilan air cushion CC cream

The price after the coupon is ¥ 209

This CC combines flake mineral powder, spherical powder and pearlescent powder together with dense network powder to make the application more uniform. It contains sugar film protector to effectively block the damage of environmental pollution to the skin.

5: Panilan CC cream

The price after the coupon is ¥ 131

The CC cream is thinner and more water filled. The fairies who are not very well Concealer or have better skin base can consider it. If the girl with a higher Concealer requirement can mix in BB, it can enhance the water supply and brighten the complexion.