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Check which lipstick brands are famous in Korea

If you want to create a perfect and romantic lip color, you need to choose a good lip color to care for your lips. In this way, your lips will look bright and three-dimensional. Here is the editor carefully selected for you the famous Korean lipstick, I hope to help you.

Korea's famous lipstick RMK


Reference price: 210 RMB

RMK this Japanese brand should be familiar with you. The most famous one is the foundation and lip gloss (as shown below). The RMK brand is cost-effective and low-key, and it is Japan's make-up little bully.

RMK lipstick is not well-known in China. I didn't expect to be the fifth most popular lipstick in South Korea. Miaomiao is quite unexpected.

The lipstick on the list of RMK is moist and colorable. When it is applied, it feels as light as a pastry. It looks gorgeous when just applied, but it will become very natural after a while. The two colors of the model are very suitable for spring. Miaomiao prefers the pink with coral on the right.



Reference price: 150 RMB

The fourth is South Korea's Lanzhi. Miaomiao has a good impression of Lanzhi lipstick. It's new and creative. Its two-color lipstick should not be too popular, but it should not be sold in China now. It's not the slanting two-color lipstick used by song Huiqiao in the descendant of the sun, but the new triangle two-color lipstick.

Compared with the old two-color lipstick, Miaomiao prefers this new lipstick, but I haven't started yet. I can't tell you my trial experience. Although the old two-color is moist, it's a bit thick and sticky for Miaomiao, but the overall feeling is good, mainly because the color is too good-looking!

The new two-color lipstick has a total of 8 colors. Two of them are made by Li biblical himself. It is estimated that they will be sold out when they come into the market. If you want to start, please do your homework!

Uemura show


Reference price: 215 RMB

Another Japanese brand on the list! Miaomiao has been Amway for a long time. I don't know why Uemura's lipstick can't be very popular all the time, but Korean people love it very much! Since Gao Junxi of "she's very beautiful" used it, it's popular in Korea! The color used by Gao Junxi is also very beautiful, and the TV series are also good. Amway shows you!

Probably from "she is very beautiful", many Korean dramas will use the lipstick of Uemura show. At that time, Miaomiao still didn't understand why Korean dramas used Japanese lipstick all the time. Although I don't understand it now, Miaomiao, as the beauty master of conscience, should tell you from the bottom of his heart: Uemura show's lipstick is really easy to use, especially Runde!

From the picture, it seems that the lipstick on the list is foggy lipstick. If you choose foggy lipstick, remember to do a good job, but Uemura's foggy lipstick won't dry out very much. It feels smooth when you apply it!



Reference price: 234rmb

Why is NARS regarded as Japanese lipstick? Isn't it European or American? Because NARS has been acquired by Shiseido! NARS is a brand of Miaomiao chaoai, which can compete with first-line cosmetics, but it's not as expensive as first-line cosmetics! It's very cost-effective.

NARS's Lipstick pen is the most famous product in NARS lip products, especially the bean paste, not the salted fish is a human hand, super invincible and smooth, the only drawback is that it has to peel. Therefore, the advantages of NARS lipstick are highlighted, not only without cutting, but also smooth and saturated, high-end temperament!

Although the color is wonderful, I don't understand... Yellow skin, black skin, please automatically avoid! But it can rank second, in addition to the relationship between color, itself also has many advantages!

Tony Moly


Reference price: 89rmb

Tony Moly has many counters in China. We usually call it magic forest. It is a Korean brand with a price of cabbage. Its most famous product is eye liner cream. It uses its family's eye liner, eyeliner, pencil, isolation, and lip enamel. The first three can give 4 stars and 3 pieces of lip enamel. How to choose the right lipstick color pink

Suitable for skin color: mm with fair skin can boldly try this color.

Taboo skin color: the mm with black skin had better not choose pink, which will make your skin appear dirtier.

Bright red:

Suitable for skin color: basically all skin color mm can try red, more versatile, but also very retro oh.

Taboo: Although retro is very popular, it's better to use red lips carefully in daily life to avoid giving people too grand feeling.

Coral color:

Suitable for skin color: white complexion mm with dark complexion can try coral color, can brighten the face, daily use is also very suitable.

Taboo skin color: yellowish complexion and careful use of coral color lipstick will make your face look more yellow.

Nude color:

It is suitable for skin color: black skin. The naked lipstick will not only show black, but also make your makeup look very personal.

Taboo skin color: white mm try to use less naked color, especially the dark naked color will make people appear sick. Korean lipstick with less than 100 yuan

Reference price: 60RMB

The overall quality of alligator lipstick is average, but this series is really amazing.

Also a lot of popular color, such as RD306, fried chicken white, autumn and winter with great!

Alice cottage Rose Garden dyed Lip Gloss

Reference price: 60RMB

This air cushion lip gloss is especially recommended for 07 color milk tea. The naked color is really super good-looking, super white, and the upper lip can be full, but the texture is a little dry.

Fresh lipstick

Reference price: 60RMB

Dexianjia's press lipstick is a classic one. The editor strongly recommends No.05 and No.06 colors of foggy surface. It's beautiful to use in autumn and winter~

If you like moisture texture, this series also has moisture style.

BBIA red tube lipstick

Reference price: 55RMB

When it comes to BBIA lipsticks, how many girls grow grass crazily after watching pony's video? Indeed, their lipsticks are excellent in color and texture.

The BBIA red pipe is a classic among the classics. Although the price of cabbage, but packaging texture, color saturation, quality and some of the big fight.