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What brand of lipstick is good in Korea

The one and only brand of whenever and wherever possible, LANCOME Lancome's new Lancome love silk satin lipstick has 16 colors. No matter what style you are, you can become a unique queen of all kinds of changes. Next, the editor will learn Korean brand lipstick with you.

Korean brand good lipstick pony

It's young and full of red color. It's lively and energetic. It's like the name's make-up effect. The texture on the lips is a little like Armani red tube Lip Glaze, just like velvet. The paste is a little dry, showing lip lines, but it won't be hard to spread.


It's smoother than No.01, and it's not so foggy. It has a little luster. The texture and upper lip feel are very similar to Revlon light color lip moistening No.15. It's very pink and tender. It's more suitable for white skin. It doesn't have a sense of disobedience without makeup. It's a very daily color.

Clio Silkuid #04

The texture is very thick. The mouth will look big when it is painted. The color is very bright. The taste is a bit heavy, a bit like soap. But the color is really super beautiful!

Tonymoly #mrd06

Tony Molly's s s series is a moisturizing one, and the M series is a matte one. Mrd06 this is just a fog effect, texture is not moist, but will not feel dry, will not particularly show lip lines. It's fruity. It doesn't taste very strong. The color of this one belongs to my safety color. It's orange red. It's a natural color.

Tonymoly #mrd03

Mac Chili's cheap alternative color, you can buy this one if you don't think chili is dry. The two upper mouth colors are very similar, but tonymoly won't dry, and the paste itself is more moist. Recently, I like rust red very much. It's thin and thick.

Tonymoly #srd03

The texture of S series is more moist than M series, and the taste is heavier. It's just a cheap alternative color for YSL tube 12. I haven't bought tube 12, so I can't make a comparison. However, the comparison on Weibo is really similar. It's watery and glossy, but it's a little hard to apply evenly. The color is beautiful and white. It's worthy of being a cheap substitute for cutting men's color in legend. The color is a little like YSL Lip Glaze No. 12, but the texture is different. They are all strawberry powder, sweet and lovely, but not a little mature charm.

Tonymoly #srd01

It is very moist, lip gloss texture, and has a little luster. It spreads smooth and smooth, and love this series. It's just dark wine red. It's a little auntie. It's very temperamental and doesn't look old. The flavor of S series is a little heavier than M series, and it is also fruity. Korea's best popular lipstick 1, Laneige (LANEIGE) snow Shine Lip Gloss.

This lip gloss, add jelly texture shaping formula, and it is very easy to make up, also very silky and light, can keep moisture for a long time and not greasy, so your lips look crystal clear, come to be a delicate woman

2, LANEIGE Laneige super discharge velvet double color lipstick

The lipstick is used for lip balm. The longitudinal erasure can mix two colors and turn into a popular pearl lip balm. This lipstick is easy to be erasure, high chromaticity and medium gloss. It has been well received since its launch.

3. Secret key Scully 3 seconds color change little Lori Lip Gloss

This lip gloss claims to bring amazing magic after 3 seconds. After 3 seconds of application, it will change color like magic, moisten lips for a long time, and make the outline of lips clearer and more realistic!

4. Etude honey jelly lip gloss

This is a very glossy jelly lip gloss. After applying it, your lips will look charming, and it also has a light fragrance. It is moisturized and not discolored, just like fresh fruit. After drinking water, your lips will still be bright!

5. The face shop

This lip gloss contains colorful shining particles, which will bring bright and lustrous visual enjoyment. It has good moisturizing effect, which can ensure the smooth and delicate lips. The lip gloss with advantages can make your lips emit perfect luster.

6. VDL three color gradient lipstick

The super popular three color lipstick in South Korea creates Yin en Hui's perfect lip makeup. One month after it came into the market, it has aroused great repercussions from the Korean fashion industry, makeup industry and Korean women. These lipsticks were sold out of stock in South Korea

The texture is slightly dry ~ it's a little difficult to apply it, and it still shows lip lines. However, I like this color very much. It's an orange cream color. This is more beautiful than I imagined! I thought I could not hold this color, but it was better than I imagined.


This is the legendary pumpkin color, but also eat earth color. The feeling of Brown will appear white skin. There will be a sense of maturity. If you blur the boundary a little bit, it will turn into a beautiful lip makeup.

#115 MUSS

This is the pink and beige of the goddess. I think the lip color is very spring, and it will also make the skin very white and tender. It's a very warm color. I feel like if I put this on and match it with a sweater and floral skirt, I'll feel like a Japanese lady.


It's the old rose color. It's very mature. It seems to be suitable for painting in autumn. There will be a feeling of depression. Next autumn, you can apply this one to step on the fallen leaves and pick them up;. Also more retro, with some leather clothes will be very good-looking.