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What are Korean lipsticks

The fresh and gradually changing young style of lip makeup is loved by many female fans who love to watch Korean dramas. The lip makeup effect is also one of the best partners to match the popular Korean nude makeup. Well, the following is the editor to introduce you to the Korean brand lipstick, hope to help you.

Korean brand lipstick

Dream makeup Korean version 16 Dousha color, the color is very daily, create a fog effect. White, no skin pick. But the texture is dry, so before the upper lip to do lip moisturizing oh. The following is the comparison between dream makeup 16 and the other two lipstick colors.


Etude House

Elysee cottage BE104 has high moisture and looks good. The package of girl department is very cute! Do you have it!

Elysee cottage BE104 can be said to be the replacement of Estee Lauder 420~~

Etude is the voice of Wuli show, the following is the Etude Matt velvet mist lip lipstick lipstick good color put out!

③ Tonymoly magic forest

Magic forest s series lipstick rd03 water series, is ysl12 cut men's affordable alternative.

④ The seam is fresh

The seam has bright dummy lipstick, M07 is rosy red, and M08 is close to Mac's Chili color.

M08 is really nice! Have you? After smear up, you are your queen!! Korean Korean Lip Balm 1, Laneige (LANEIGE) snow shining lip gloss.

This lip gloss, add jelly texture shaping formula, and it is very easy to make up, also very silky and light, can keep moisture for a long time and not greasy, so your lips look crystal clear, come to be a delicate woman

2, LANEIGE Laneige super discharge velvet double color lipstick

The lipstick is used for lip balm. The longitudinal erasure can mix two colors and turn into a popular pearl lip balm. This lipstick is easy to be erasure, high chromaticity and medium gloss. It has been well received since its launch.

3. Secret key Scully 3 seconds color change little Lori Lip Gloss

This lip gloss claims to bring amazing magic after 3 seconds. After 3 seconds of application, it will change color like magic, moisten lips for a long time, and make the outline of lips clearer and more realistic. Which brand of lipstick is better in Korea? Product Name: 3ce moistening lipstick

Reference price: ¥ 130 / piece

Editor's comment: 3CE lipstick was sold for the first two years because of the same color of Yun Eunhea's lips in the Korean drama "miss you". This cold and shades of pink is very suitable for the fair skinned people, and some peach blossom make-up feeling is worth a try. 3CE's lipstick is rich in color and rich in texture, and its texture is fine and smooth. The lip brush is helpful for delineation of lip lines. And good moisture, not too dry, easy to color, color lasting.

Product Name: Shiseido Shang Guang Guang lipstick

Reference price: ¥ 220.00/4g

Editor's comment: this lipstick is bright and shiny but not sticky. The surface of the lipstick is completely attached to the lips and is easy to smear. The texture is moist. Color, just a layer can completely cover the lip color.

Product Name: Kose Lip Gloss New Lip Gloss

Reference price: 210.00/8ml

Editor's comment: this lipstick has three effects: beauty liquid + lip Concealer + lipstick. With a strong sense of luster and moisture, it can be smooth and smooth with a light touch, and it is easy to turn into a beautiful lip shape. The color numbers are very natural and the concealer is very good. It's very nourishing. The color will develop with a touch.

Product Name: Laneige snow gel watercolor lipstick

Reference price: ¥ 210 / 4G

Editor's comment: Laneige's lipstick contains bright powder and looks very glossy. With the temperature of the lip, it is soft and fit to the delicate lip, and the color is long-lasting and gorgeous. And the moisturizing effect is good.