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Check which freckle effect is good in Japan

More and more consumers gradually decide whether to buy this product based on the brand's popularity and reputation. Below the editor to introduce Japan's best freckle cosmetics, hope to be useful to you!

Japan's best freckle cosmetics recommendation 1, Shiseido HAKU medicinal whitening essence

This is the whitening legend. The sales volume in Japan has exceeded 500000 in three months, and 60 bottles are sold in one minute. Shiseido's latest R & D achievements of skin whitening are applied to the new Haku ex, overturning the traditional whitening concept of simply inhibiting melanin formation. It can prevent the generation of freckles and black spots, and can brighten the skin. It can be used immediately for the skin without freckles. It can achieve the effect of comprehensive whitening and purifying the skin color, so that your skin can not see any dark shadow.

2. Ledun CC freckle removing beauty liquid

This is a very popular cheap product! It has active vitamin C and e dual formula. Through vitamin E as inducer, active vitamin C can quickly penetrate into the skin, promote the skin to become transparent, effectively inhibit the formation of melanin, so as to achieve the effect of preventing spots and freckles. It is generally reflected that it can't be better used to dilute the acne print just coming out. It doesn't have so obvious effect on some old bean prints, and this product also has a certain improvement effect on the coarse pores!

3, City doctor 377 whitening spot cream

The brand-new upgrade of white 377 is amazing. It has a powerful whitening effect of 2100 times as much as hydroquinone and 7000 times as much as ursolic acid. It also adds high permeability vitamin C inducer to make white 377 quickly and powerfully remove spots like a tiger's wings and give skin a smooth, tender and transparent feeling.

With overwhelming whitening effect, and can brighten the skin, 377 formula with vitamin C, with high permeability and whitening effect, more whitening and make the skin full of transparency!

4. The cream of bleaching cream

Add a whitening effect of kojic acid to the troubled black spot and make the skin clear and concentrated. S-gl kojic acid combined with kojic acid, vitamin B5 derivative and liquorice extract was successfully developed. Create an environment that makes kojic acid more effective and has an effect on the tyrosinase that forms spots. Deep into the bottom of the skin, directly act on the melanogenic cells, and give full play to the unique whitening effect. For lack of moisture, easy to dry parts do give moistening, improve the whitening effect. Make the skin present the natural white and moisturizing skin.

5, SK-II Silver Plaque freckle essence

SK-II freckle essence is commonly used as a small silver bottle. The benefits of this bottle essence are very simple and crude, that is, removing freckle and removing acne. Semitransparent lotion texture, moisture and moisture, the upper face is very good push away, absorption speed is very fast. The function is to improve the quality of the skin, effectively help the skin glow, and easily have a white look.

6. Dasio great whitening beauty cream.

Freckle products in the affordable goods, neck a good choice for the body, contains vitamin C and pearl extract, can help the skin accelerate metabolism, promote cell division. Let the dark skin can be metabolized as soon as possible. Transparent texture, not dry when used, super absorbent for skin. It can whiten and remove spots, lighten scars and eliminate acne!

7, FANCL freckle brilliant white essence

This super small capacity, because no added, so the essence of Kaifeng after 2 months to run out! New olive leaf extract, high efficiency also because of weak spot and oxidized vitamin C, so that the whitening ingredients continue to restore regeneration, continue to play the effect of pale spot, so that the effect of whitening and freckle effect doubled, continue to use sooner or later, bid farewell to dark dumb, stain, keep bright white beauty!

8. Shiseido whitening beauty essence

A popular whitening product in Japan, developed by Shiseido's new whitening technology, adds three revolutionary whitening ingredients created by Shiseido, bringing you a new experience of whitening. Effective for anti Japanese sunburn, age spots, pockmarks and dark pores and other color spots, make the skin uniform, brilliant.

9, TRANSINO mask

Cosme award mask improves liver chloasma and brightens skin. Every 1 mask has enough whitening essence ingredients for 65 times. It can achieve the effect of dispel spots and whitening with the acid. It can effectively inhibit the formation of melanin, nourish skin and enhance skin elasticity.

10. Pola whitening pills

If you want to whiten the whole body quickly, the first choice should be pola whitening pills. The whitening effect can't be better. The ingredients are all extracted plants, which can whiten and lighten spots from the inside of the body, prevent the generation of color spots, and have high antioxidant capacity to slow down the aging damage of the skin. And pola is a special cosmetics brand for Japanese royal family.

11. FANCL leukin

This brightener is suitable for people who are easily affected by ultraviolet and have dark, uneven skin color and spots. It can provide anti spot and whitening nutrition, fade and whiten, and enhance the translucent feeling of the whole body skin. Speed up the desalination of melanin, freckle whitening: remove free radicals, repair the skin affected by ultraviolet rays, with daily external sunscreen protection and freckle whitening skin care series, internal and external synchronous anti spot, can make the whitening effect more obvious.

12. Skii super clean spot concentrated repair capsule

It can promote the metabolism of protein in skin cells, and then fade spots. At the same time, it can also enhance the protein production of stratum corneum, disintegrate melanin, reduce pigmentation, and help fade deep spots. 28 days intensive repair at night, even if the accumulation of years of stubborn stains can also effectively fade; easy achievement flawless whitening skin.

13, HABA whitening essence

HABA star products, including 6% water soluble vitamin C inductor, is a versatile essence containing 6% water soluble vitamin C and 8% Kam bamboo essence. It can quickly act on the skin and solve various problems such as black spots, darkening, dryness and pore obstruction.

14, CPB freckle whitening essence cosmetic solution

This extraordinary essence combines with advanced bright white technology and powerful anti-aging effect. Penetrate deeply into the bottom layer of skin, effectively reduce the formation of color spots, and make skin young and white. At the same time, 4msk can also inhibit the excessive production of melanin, improve the "chronic keratosis deviation" of the black spot, adjust the process of keratosis, and make the melanin excrete smoothly. The texture is very fine and mild. It not only has whitening effect, but also can repair skin at the same time, moisturizing effect is very good, breaking the drying of ordinary whitening essence, I believe dry skin will love it!

15, POLA local whitening essence

Local whitening cream cream has excellent osmotic and absorbency. It concentrates and lasts for 24 hours to continuously deliver whitening ingredients to Maranin's mother cells at the bottom of the skin. Combined with the keratin close fitting polymer, it can cover the spots tightly, make the effective whitening ingredients directly reach the melanocytes, lock the spots and fade the melanin. At the same time, delicate and refreshing texture, easy to smear. The new version of SX not only plays a role in black pigment, but also has effect on black spots and yellow spots.

16. White rabbit brand whitening pills

The white rabbit pill which has been used for two months has made the skin more delicate. The Japanese gimmick of white rabbit pill is to whiten and moisturize the skin. This section contains glutathione, the main ingredient of whitening needle, and its whitening ability should not be underestimated.

The most important ingredient of whitening needle is glutathione. Compared with the whitening needle with a price of about 20000 yuan, with the same ingredients, the same effect and safer absorption method, the white rabbit brand whitening Quban pill is undoubtedly a better choice. L-cysteine, the main component of Japanese white rabbit hythiol-c, can help inhibit melanin in the body, and has been dealt with before the formation of black spots. To achieve the best effect, it is recommended to take it continuously for more than 3 months, so that cysteine can play the best role in the body, and the skin will be naturally and persistently bright and beautiful. It can effectively repair liver, lighten spots and whiten skin for 3 months.

▷ usage: 3 times a day. 2 tablets for adults (over 15 years old) and 1 tablet for 7-14 years old. Do not take under 7 years old. What are the traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions for removing freckles

Method: take appropriate amount of borax and borneol, mix them with water, and then smear the water on the affected area after dissolving.

Effect: this method first appeared in the book Ben Cao Qiu yuan, claiming that this method has the function of life and death. In fact, the main function of this method is to inhibit viruses, bacteria and so on.

Taboo: borneol is easy to cause allergy, so people with sensitive skin should use it with caution.

Folk prescription 2: Luffa freckle method

Method: after drying the towel gourd, grind it into powder, mix it with water every night, then apply it on your face, and wash it with warm water the next morning. If you want to get rid of wrinkles on the face, you can add some honey appropriately.

Effect: this traditional Chinese medicine freckle prescription has a certain effect. The main reason is that Luffa contains protein, vitamins and anti cyclic acids, which have strong bleaching effect. It not only has no harm to the skin, but also can improve the delicate and whitening skin after long-term use.

Taboo: if you don't add honey, you can wash it the next day; if you add honey, you should wash it after 20 minutes.

Recipe 3: Lemon

Method: dry the lemon in the sun, grind it into powder, then add appropriate amount of borax powder and sugar, stir well and seal. After three days, it can be taken out for use. After reopening with warm water every morning and evening, it can be smeared on the spots for 3 minutes, and freckles can be eliminated after a period of time.

Effect: lemon is rich in trace elements and vitamins. It has a very obvious effect on white and tender skin and preventing skin blood vessels.

Recipe 4: Eggplant

Method: cut the eggplant into thin slices after washing, and remove the juice of eggplant, wipe off the black spots. Three times a day, and after half a month, you can see the effect.

Effect: eggplant is very convenient for freckle removal, because it is a common ingredient in many family tables. Experts tell us that eggplant is rich in vitamin C, which can effectively organize the formation of melanin in the skin, and has a good effect on skin whitening and freckle removing.

Contraindications: use with caution for sensitive skin.

Folk prescription 5: white Poria cocos

Practice: after grinding white Poria cocos into powder, add honey to stir evenly, daub it on your face every night, and wash it after 20 minutes.

Effect: it can nourish the skin, beautify and remove freckles. In traditional Chinese medicine, white Poria cocos has the effect of removing spots and scars.

Folk recipe 6: wax gourd

Method: after the wax gourd is cut, remove the wax gourd ladle, then mash and take out the juice, take the spot every day and apply it several times a day.

Effect: the effect of this traditional Chinese medicine freckle recipe is not big, because although there is freckle removing effect in wax gourd, the curative effect is very little, which is not enough for women to use. Freckle facial mask powder formula seven Chinese medicine mask powder formula

Materials: white Poria cocos, white aconite, asarum, egg white, Atractylodes macrocephala, Angelica dahurica, Bletilla striata.

Methods: white Poria cocos, white aconite, asarum, egg white, Atractylodes macrocephala, Angelica dahurica and Bletilla striata are grinded into powder, and then add appropriate amount of egg white to mix