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Ten new cars not suitable for selection

1, They were rated "poor.". However, the score of frontal impact and roof collapse prevention given by the Insurance Institute for highway safety is "good", the score of rear impact protection is "acceptable", and the score of side impact protection is "barely acceptable".

2. Chevrolet Colorado / GMC Canyon in the initial quality and reliability survey of J.D. Power associates, both cars scored "below average", and the resale value score of car rental guide was "below average". In the test of road safety and Insurance Research Institute, the four door double row type got the score of "acceptable" for frontal impact occupant protection, "barely acceptable" for roof collapse and rear impact protection, and "poor" for side impact protection.

3. The Nissan fleet can fully feel the huge size of this giant SUV when driving. It is not easy to tame under urban road conditions, and it is especially difficult to park in the side direction. It's basically a dinosaur in cars, and most SUV buyers have long preferred more obedient crossover models with load-bearing bodies.

4. GMC Sierra / Chevrolet Silverado 2500 these two heavy duty pickup trucks are born to cope with difficult work. After proper configuration, the maximum traction force is 17500 pounds. If you buy them just because of their tall and powerful appearance, they are very difficult to control as everyday cars.

5. The Dodge caliber seems to be a small station wagon, which has not yet reached the performance and configuration level of other compact cars. The appearance and style are poor, the interior feels cheap, the control is slow, and the performance of the 2.0L 4-cylinder engine is dull. CVT has replaced the traditional automatic transmission, but it is easy to make noise and slow response.

6. Nissan Titan Nissan's full-size pickup has never been popular among American buyers, who prefer to show absolute loyalty to their favorite domestic American brands. Nissan does not have as many models as its competitors, and its performance lags behind all competitors. On the bright side, the cash discount is relatively large.

7. The sales volume of smart two seater has dropped sharply since this strange two seater convertible was launched in 2008. It's made in Europe by Mercedes Benz, but it's hard to call it a luxury car. Although the actual ride feeling is not as cramped as it looks from the outside, its power is greatly insufficient, and its manual automatic transmission shifts slowly. It's said to have good fuel economy (33 to 41 miles per gallon), but it needs high-grade gasoline, so it won't save car owners much money.

8. Kia Sedona Sedona has always been a model of 2006, and it has not been upgraded, which makes it the oldest model on the market in the United States. Sedona's warranty period is very long, and its V6 engine power is moderate, but it can't compare with the star Honda Odyssey or Toyota Sienna in terms of performance and configuration. In addition, it only provides a minimum of home functions, but it has to face a market that wins by function.

9. The 2012 model of Volvo XC90, a 7-seat luxury crossover suv, can only choose a 3.2-liter in-line 6-cylinder engine, which is very difficult to drive this large and heavy car. Very clumsy handling, poor steering feedback. The third row seats are difficult to enter and are only suitable for children.

10. The Mercedes Benz R-class, a medium-sized R-class, looks like a van with a traditional swing door, and it's very expensive. As one of the smallest models of Mercedes Benz, the R-class car has a strange elongated appearance, simple interior style and enough but not exciting performance. Put R-class cars in the middle of a lot of crossover SUVs and they will soon disappear.

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