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Check snow muscle essence make up water pregnancy can use

Snow muscle essence make-up water a lot of people are using, so pregnant still can use snow muscle essence make-up water, pregnant with what make-up water. May as well and the editor to understand, welcome to read!

Can snow muscle essence make-up water be used for pregnant women? Kose High silk medicinal snow muscle essence make-up water 360ml (imported) can be used for pregnant women. It belongs to medicated make-up and is harmless to pregnant women. Recommended cosmetics for pregnancy

The first recommended brand is from the United States, which specializes in skin care products for pregnant women. Through teratology screening, it is the preferred skin care product recommended by American obstetricians and gynaecologists. This suit is used by my sister. It has good moisturizing and moisturizing effect. The cosmetic cream is equivalent to isolation, and its ingredients are safe (yes, during pregnancy, moms should use pure physical sunscreen (with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide as materials) But my sister didn't continue to use it for a period of time. She said that she forgot. What I analyzed is how tough women in the United States are, and they don't take delivery. Therefore, due to various factors of different skin types, if you just want to moisturize during pregnancy, don't Tan, don't get acne, that's enough~

FANCL, Japan

FANCL's family is known as "no added". It can be used safely during pregnancy. But after a test (moisturizing and repairing lotion), Ah Mei tried not to use her oily skin.

3 German family

This is also a German brand, so Ah Mei recommends that this is because her sister used her family's Rejuvenating Cream and repair and rejuvenating essence. When she was 5 or 6 months pregnant, she had many pregnant spots on her face, and maybe she didn't do well in sunscreen in Tibet. Sedative redness and sensitive skin;

Cream texture is creamy, fragrant and pleasant, giving skin energy and promoting its self renewal. After cleansing the skin in the morning, use a small amount of rejuvenating essence, then apply the face cream to the face, neck and chest.

At night: After cleansing the skin, use the repair and rejuvenating essence, then no longer use any late frost.

4 Australian Julie Coe

The family sister uses Julie's bath suit (see below: Rose Moisturizing Series), without adding flavors, preservatives, mineral glycerin, and then toss about most of the organic brand bathing and body products. Only Julie's taste and moisture are the most amazing. Rich in chamomile, rose and rosemary extract, it has excellent treatment and maintenance for dry and sensitive skin around pregnancy. I still use it now. I have to show off that it's the grass I planted for my sister ~! Ha ha

#You'll know what a pleasure it is to take a bath#

5 China's Pro run

I am a brand of China and a partner of CCTV. Pro moisturizing skin care products for pregnant women are developed according to the characteristics of Asian women's skin during pregnancy. It adopts Japanese skin care technology and creates the original ecological skin care products for pregnant women. It is the best-selling, safe and effective international brand of skin care for pregnant women. This is used by my sister's pregnant friend. Now the second child is still in use, because it's said that ye Yiqian is the spokesperson (this reason is strong). She has everything, and basic skin care is enough~

The above five are the safety brands used by a-meow during pregnancy with the help of her sister. My homework also says that the above mentioned brands are indeed safe and suitable for pregnant women. Just choose the one suitable for your skin type. Let's recommend some products~

6COW milk alkali alkali mild amino acid foam cleansing cream

It's a kind of cleansing product which has been highly appreciated by Cosmo in Japan. It uses natural plant cleaning ingredients, mild and non irritating. Foam is rich, can thoroughly remove grease and dirt in pores, contain natural moisturizing ingredients PCA-Na, moisturize skin, gently and not tight, especially for sensitive skin MM and expectant mothers. A cleansing cream with high sex ratio is needed.

7 Shiseido D series toner

D series is Shiseido's' sensitive topic ', specially designed for' sensitive people and pregnant women 'skin care products, one of the highest reputation in Japan's D program professional conditioning skin care brand. Developed by Shiseido and Japanese top clinical dermatologists, it is based on mild, low irritation, moisturizing and anti sensitivity. So pregnant mothers can rest assured to use ~ Shiseido is a unique way for meow to make cosmetics with great care!

8 naturaglace organic pearl sunscreen cream

Dry skin, long-term makeup skin, sensitive skin during pregnancy, or mothers who need to contact their babies often can use it. It is especially suitable for long-term dry, dull and dull skin. It has the effect of repairing, anti ultraviolet, brightening skin tone, making skin moist and moisturizing. After that, the make-up will be more comfortable and lasting. Naturaglace is the top make-up brand that Japanese pregnant women love most!

9naturaglace moisturizing, sunscreen and toning isolation

UV protection, skin color correction. For red blood, pale face, spots, uneven skin color problems have a certain effect. It can give the skin a sense of moisture and transparency, and prevent the dryness, allergy, pore enlargement and other problems caused by makeup. My sister used blue. At the beginning, the family didn't even use a computer. Later, she wore radiation proof clothes at any time. She wiped the isolation and played online~~~

10Naturaglace anti dizzy eye liner

Japanese supermodel preferred make-up during pregnancy, sensitive skin, lactation, suitable for pregnant women, using food grade raw materials, do not use any chemical preservatives. Moderate, smooth and smooth eyeliner. Gently depict sensitive eye area, with organic plant essence, mild and not stimulating. This is recommended to the beautiful girls who have to wear delicate makeup to work during pregnancy ~ you work hard! Good!

11naturaglace NU series toning cake

For yellow skin design, effectively brighten skin tone and even skin tone, yellow mother! After wiping this skin tone is almost no P! Especially pregnant mother sometimes face yellow, sometimes the baby in the stomach is too noisy, hard is numb ~ ~ (touch), so this product is such a beautiful existence!

12Naturaglace moisturizing lipstick

In fact, it is not very recommended to use lipstick in the course of pregnancy, but this kind of 8 kinds of plant essence, such as nut oil, can not only moisturize lips, but also add color.

13Fresh yellow sugar Lip Balm Moisturizing Lip Balm

Best lip treatment award by American fashion magazine allure

Moist and sweet lip balm, which is not sticky on the mouth, and tastes super good. Every time you use it, you will have the urge to eat. It is strongly recommended that the deep lip of the yellow sugar can be cured. SPF15 can not only provide deep repair to the lips, but also prevent the external damage. This lipstick can remove lip wrinkles and lip skin, and has the functions of moisturizing and sunscreen. It is suitable for all skin types, pregnant women and lactating mothers~~

Let's end with a few words

It is necessary to protect skin during pregnancy. Some moms will grow freckles, but don't rush to remove freckles. Pay attention to sunscreen. The ingredients are very important. It must be safe and organic!

It is most important to keep a happy mood;