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Does snow muscle essence make up make up water refreshing and moistening

Snow muscle essence was born in Japan in 1985. In the following 25 years, it became popular in Asia from Japan and created one sales miracle after another. China is most familiar with snow muscle essence toner, so does snow muscle essence toner have two types: refreshing and moisturizing. Snow muscle essence make-up water refreshing and moisturizing. So snow skin pure makeup water refreshing or moisturizing good, mainly according to your skin to choose, if it is oily skin, with fresh, dry skin, with moisturizing,. Snow muscle essence make-up water several questions 1, heard that someone used will be sensitive, snow muscle essence for me?

Some people will have tingling or reddening reaction when they first use it. It may be that they are more sensitive to the ingredients of xuejijing. However, if there are invisible small wounds on the face, they will also have tingling feeling. If the face turns red after use, it is because xuejijing can help the skin promote circulation and metabolism. Like other skin care products, snow muscle essence may not be suitable for all people, it is recommended to use a little cotton pad in the local area, and then continue to use after the skin adapts.

2. What is the meaning of high function? Besides whitening, are there other functions?

High function means that there is not only one effect and function. The most well-known effect of Xueji essence is whitening, but it also has good moisturizing function. Wheat germ oil and vitamin E can fully moisturize rough and dull skin texture; There are Chinese herbal extracts and angelica, coix seed and licorice, etc., which have good sedative effect. After being used in the sun, it can also achieve the effect of relieving swelling.

3. What does medicine mean? Can it be used for a long time?

The so-called medicinal skin care product in Japanese does not mean containing medicine. It means that the Japanese Ministry of health and welfare (equivalent to our Ministry of Health) has proved that the ingredients of this skin care product are useful and effective for improving some skin problems. Snow muscle essence contains coix seed, licorice and other plant extracts are proved to have whitening effect. As long as it is suitable for your skin, it can be used for a long time. How to use make-up water correctly Q: it's too wasteful to pat make-up water with make-up cotton. Can you use your hands directly?

It's OK to apply make-up water by hand, but there are many fine lines on the palm, which can easily absorb the nutrients in the make-up water. If the hand is not clean enough, it may cause secondary pollution, so the effect of make-up water on the face is not so good. And make-up cotton can help remove the cutin of the face, can make skin care products more easily absorbed, so it is best to use make-up cotton pat.

Q: Can hand tap make-up water really promote absorption?

The answer is no, because the palm will compete with the face for nutrition, and the effect of hand beating is far better than that of cotton pad. When smearing make-up water, first use enough make-up water to soak the cotton pad. Make sure that both sides are fully soaked. Don't be stingy. Then gently wipe on the face, and gently pat the face with astringent water to achieve the effect of astringent skin. Therefore, patting is not omnipotent, and wiping is also a good way to smear makeup water.

Q: How can we judge that make-up water is fully absorbed?

After applying make-up lotion, if you feel that the cotton pad is drying gradually, it means that the water is absorbed by the skin. Touch your face again to make your face cool, moist and comfortable. In the use of moisturizing make-up water, often sticky feeling, might as well pat for a while, let make-up water deep into the pores, so that the skin will be more refreshing.