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How to identify cosmetics

Because the advantages and disadvantages of cosmetics are related to people's face and physical and mental health, so in the face of a variety of brands of cosmetics in the market, how can consumers identify the advantages and disadvantages of cosmetics? The following editor introduces the method of checking the authenticity of cosmetics for you. Come and have a look!

Through the anti-counterfeiting code on cosmetics, you can query the authenticity, and you can query on the Internet.

Cosmetics authenticity query 1, open the computer browser, enter Baidu search -- China cosmetics anti counterfeiting code alliance, enter

After entering, select the brand in the middle of the page and click

Cosmetics true and false query 3, in the emergence of the brand to choose, I choose a random here as an example.

4. After selecting, enter the anti-counterfeiting code of cosmetics. After entering, enter the verification code. After entering, select to query the authenticity.

Cosmetics true and false query 5, then the query results will appear, the following picture prompt is the purchase of cosmetics have problems.

Another way is to dial the special line of the cosmetics of the brand directly by using the mobile phone and input the anti-counterfeiting code.

matters needing attention

Of course, you can also go directly to the cosmetics brand website to check the authenticity, the method is similar.

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