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What skin care products are suitable for sensitive muscles

The skin is sensitive to allergy, so the choice of skin care products also need to be very careful, otherwise it may damage the fragile skin. May as well and the editor to understand the next sensitive muscle suitable for what skin care products, welcome to read!

Japanese skin care products recommended for sensitive skin 1. Huawang cure dry sensitive skin care gel

CUREL is a brand designed by Japan's Royal flower for sensitive muscle. Its make-up water and cream are excellent, soft gel, and emulsifying effect is very good. It can fully remove the stubborn makeup such as acne in the deep pores, sticky touch and make-up residue, and wash it well.

2. SANA soybean milk facial cleanser

Soybean milk is a unique product in Japan. The Japanese use the fermentation technology of soybean milk to develop the most suitable moisturizing technology according to women's skin type, and bring the most moisturizing care to the skin. It is a complete plant formula, without fragrance, colorless, mineral, allergy and greasy. Suitable for mixed and sensitive muscles.

3.curel Moisturizing Cleansing Foam

Simple, safe, gentle, soft is the biggest feature of this cleanser. The foam is durable and rich. It does not need to rub too much when cleaning. It can reduce skin sensitivity, thoroughly clean sweat and grease and dirt, and protect the natural moisturizing elements in skin. It contains mild and clean ingredients. It will not burden the skin. It will feel comfortable and moist after use. It will effectively prevent the drying problem from worsening, enhance the skin's self-defense ability, and relieve the discomfort caused by dry skin. . Weak acid, no perfume, no pigment, no alcohol, anti sensitive formula, anti stimulation formula is very suitable for sensitive, dry and neutral skin.

4. Freeplus

The famous low stimulation and high moisturizing artifact can moisturize, moisturize, eliminate inflammation and calm. Although the texture is slightly viscous, it is not absorbed slowly.

5. Shiseido D program toner

A professional conditioning brand for unstable skin! Developed by Shiseido and leading clinical dermatologists in Japan, based on mild, low stimulation, moisturizing and anti sensitivity, it is specially for four common unstable skin symptoms: "oily skin acne", "mixed muscle repeated imbalance", "super dry skin redness and sensitivity" and "aging dry imbalance". It is a professional conditioning brand, which can be used to treat skin diseases It can make skin recover and maintain normal, stable and full state, and keep water and oil balance. D program is also recommended in dermatology department of many hospitals in Japan!

6. Freeplus Moisturizing & Repairing Cream

Gel like texture, moisturizing, refreshing, good absorption, anti allergy repair effect. Usually does not reflect where good, but allergic period cannot leave.

7. Sensitive muscle marine collagen gel

It contains 5 functions: make-up water, lotion, beauty solution, whitening liquid, and makeup liquid. In order to make sensitive skin absorb the necessary moisture and protect its sebum membrane, ATP with anti-inflammatory effect is specially used Complex Chinese and Japanese plant blend essence (including perilla essence, mountain white bamboo essence, peony root extract, angelica extract, Pueraria lobata extract and Coptis essence) and the most recently selected vitamins H and P, plus 7 Free (including no fragrance, no artificial pigment, no mineral oil, no alcohol, no preservatives, no Petroleum surfactant and no old additive ingredients). Irritating, so that the state of unstable skin can also be used at ease.

8. Acseine cream

Touch up, breathable, comfortable, not dry. Low stimulation, sensitive muscle can also rest assured to use good products.

9. City doctor 377 whitening Concealer BB cream

This BB cream has 6 functions: beauty cream, cream, cream, foundation, sunscreen and sunscreen. It also contains EGF (to promote the repair and regeneration of damaged epidermis), showing perfect naked makeup, with a very good sense of use. No perfume, no pigment, no mineral oil, no UV absorber, sensitive skin can also be used at ease. Skin care precautions for sensitive skin

Products need to choose non-alcoholic gentle cleaning products, while avoiding alkaline ingredients and strong cleaning products.

Don't use overheated water to wash your face or bath

The water temperature when washing the face should also be paid special attention to, below 35 degrees is appropriate.

The frequency of exfoliation should not be more

Excessive massage and coarse abrasive particles will cause great damage to sensitive skin.

Natural skin care products

The following ingredients are sensitive chemicals: preservatives, sorbic acid and spices.

Daily moisturizing and moisturizing

Only the skin with enough water can resist the damage of external factors in good condition.

Strict UV protection

Even in autumn and winter, our sun protection work should not be sloppy.

Pay attention to small habits in daily life

In terms of diet in daily life, sensitive people should pay attention to nutrition balance and supplement vitamin C more. They should avoid spicy, stimulating, sweet and greasy food. Alcoholic drinks are also taboo.