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How to understand the ingredients in skin care products

Everyone will come into contact with cosmetics in daily life, from skin care products, make-up, to shampoo, hair dye, to toothpaste, shower gel, we can't do without these daily cosmetics. But do you know what the ingredients are? The following editor introduces the method of checking cosmetic ingredients for you. Let's have a look!

Methods of searching cosmetic ingredients recommend three easy-to-use Chinese ingredients query websites


A cosmetic ingredient analysis website in Taiwan can almost find the safety index of various ingredients in skin care products. However, the ingredient list is basically uploaded by users, so sometimes it is incomplete or wrong, focusing on the analysis of cosmetic ingredients in Asia.


The website is called 'cosmetic ingredients'. There are a lot of cosmetic news. Besides ingredient analysis and ingredient introduction, there are also many interesting news.


There are too many domestic products, and the products are not very rich, but it is useful to check the local products. Top 10 cosmetic allergens 1. Nickel sulfate

It can't be used in cosmetics.

2. Neomycin sulfate

It can be used in antibiotic ointment, not in cosmetics.

3. Balsam of Peru

Natural is not always safe, and this natural ingredient is the best example. It should not be used in cosmetic formulations.

4. Fragrancing ingredients

It can be used in cosmetics, but there are 26 most common allergens in spices.

5. Thiomersal

Preservatives, not used in cosmetics.

6. Sodium gold thiosulfate

It cannot be used in cosmetics.

7. Quaternium-15

This preservative should be avoided. If you want to use a good preservative and don't want to cause problems, try dMDM hydantoin.

8. Formaldehyde

Prohibited ingredients in cosmetics.

9. Bacitracin

An antibiotic that cannot be used in cosmetics.

10. Cobalt chloride

It cannot be used in cosmetics.